Top 7 Pinterest Clothes Ideas to Keep You Updated with Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the constantly evolving clothing trends isn’t exactly easy. Every year, designers release hot new styles that inspire young fashionistas all over the world. Whether you’re repinning a favorite outfit or a detailed article, Pinterest delivers the newest fashion trends straight to your smart device. This article lists the top Pinterest clothes pins by popularity so that you can be stylish all year.

a pile of clothes and a pair of shoes

Top 7 Pinterest Clothes Idea Pins

Pin 1: Capsule Wardrobe App

a wardrobe capsule on a gray surface

The easiest way to keep up with constantly changing fashion trends is to build a capsule wardrobe. In case you’re not familiar with the term, a capsule wardrobe includes about a dozen staple pieces, such as jackets, scarves, t-shirts, shoes, and bottoms. The idea is to create dozens of outfit combinations from this selection, saving you from purchasing new outfits every year and imminent boredom when you tire of each one.

Pinned over 90,000 times, this Pinterest clothes app pin leads you to the Outfits app by Cladwell. This app makes creating new outfits from your capsule wardrobe a cinch. For $4.99 a month, you can add your staple items to a digital wardrobe. Each day the app suggests fresh combinations based on your wardrobe.

Pin 2: 12 Looks of Casual Summer Dresses

a young woman wearing a summer dress

Summer is just around the corner. If you want the scoop on the coolest summer dresses, check out this pin. The link leads you to an article on Zefinka, a blog site with endless fashion resources. The article tells you what summer dresses are trending and how you can layer your outfit to look like you just stepped off the runway. Zefinka provides several photos to back up their recommendations and give you a little extra inspiration.

This site is a rising star on Pinterest, offering several pins with beauty and fashion advice. To keep up with the latest Pinterest clothes pins, follow their account.

Pin 3: Build a Capsule Wardrobe

several girls with floral skirts

Before you can add items to your digital wardrobe app, you need to build a capsule wardrobe in real life. The Build a Capsule Wardrobe pin is perfect if you’re looking for a quick visual reference while shopping or need an in-depth how-to for creating a trendy wardrobe. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. In addition, the article includes everything that is trending in 2017 fashion: floral prints, sheers, lace shoes, and cute, small purses.

Pin 4: How to Wear Casual Outfits

a young woman in a casual outfit

Not everybody is adept at creating unique, trendy outfits fit for everyday life. Pinterest’s “How To” pins can not only give you ideas on how to pull together outfits, but they can also keep you updated on the current trends. Like the casual outfit how-to, most of these Pinterest clothes pins serve as a quick reference or inspiration. However, if you click the pin link, you’ll usually be directed to, where you can find more easy-to-follow outfit ideas.

Pin 5: These 13 Swim Trends are Going to be Huge in 2017

a woman with a two-piece swimsuit

Streetwear isn’t the only fashion consideration Pinterest can help you with. 2017 is breaching unknown waters with hot, quirky swimsuit trends.

This Pinterest clothes pin leads you to Brit + Co’s website. Brit + Co is a well-known blogging site full of useful beauty, fashion, and décor tips. Some of the trends they list may sound a little offbeat, such as 80s throwback suits, plunging one-pieces, one shoulder cuts, and nude-colored suits. However, the accompanying photos make it easy to fall in love with these daring styles.

Brit + Co is another pinner you should follow if you want to keep up with all the Pinterest clothes trends. Whether you’re a fashionista or an avid beauty pinner, Brit + Co has a little something for everyone.

Pin 6: 15 Outfits for Spring/Fall 2017

a stylish woman with a fall outfit

For a broad look at the upcoming Spring styles, check out this Pinterest clothes pin by Styles Weekly. If you click the link, you’ll be directed to their website, where you’ll find the latest 2017 styles, such as embroidered florals, delicate sheers, and nude-tone outfits.

Although Styles Weekly does not have an official Pinterest account, they are a major resource regularly found on Pinterest clothes boards. With pins like this, it’s easy to see why; Styles Weekly posts about all the latest clothing, accessories, and beauty care tips.

Pin 7: Spring Shoe Trends 2017

a pair of red women shoes

Inspirational Pinterest clothes pins can be great, but be sure to check out the latest shoe trends as well. Repin Grace & Beauty’s Spring Shoe Trends. The link goes directly to Cyndi Spivey’s blog, where you can find dozens of beauty, fashion, and personal tips. Although this website is geared for a 40 plus audience, this article can be extremely helpful for selecting your spring attire. The article lists several of the newest trends, such as ruffles shoes, pom poms, and the continuation of lace-ups.

Grace & Beauty also has her own Pinterest account, so you can follow her trending Pinterest clothes pins. In addition, she is also known for posting excellent ways to save money while shopping for the top fashions, and helpful beauty tips that can save you a lot of time.

Summing It Up

Pinterest clothes ideas can be all the inspiration you need for finding exciting, new outfits. For little tips and tricks to make creating outfit combinations easier, check out pins like the Outfit app, Build a Capsule Wardrobe, and How to Wear Casual Outfits.

For inspirational pictures, and a detailed look at the latest trends, check out pins from Styles Weekly, Grace & Beauty, and Brit + Co. Cute, trendy outfits are easy to make when you have the right inspiration. If you haven’t already, sign up for Pinterest and get pinning!

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Pinterest Humor – 10 Funny Memes, Pictures, and Quotes

Pinterest is a hugely popular website used for sharing all types of images with people of similar interest. Some may see Pinterest as a place for sharing recipes and crafting ideas, but there is a ton of Pinterest humor to brighten your day, as well.

a blue pin it button

The hilarious memes, photos, and quotes listed below are ordered according to the number of comments left on each pin, from most to least. You can add your voice to the discussion of these side splitters on Pinterest too! Without further ado, here are the top 10 items of Pinterest humor for your enjoyment.

The Funniest 10 Memes, Pictures, and Quotes on Pinterest

#1 – Monday Is Coming!

This hilarious meme comes from 8 Bit Nerds and has well over 100 comments so far. It’s one of the most popular memes on Pinterest today, and for a good reason. We’ve all felt this way on a Sunday evening. We look at the clock and groan as the seconds tick by.

We rationalize with ourselves to go to bed just one hour later. Well, maybe two hours. This meme perfectly describes how we feel when we stare Monday right in the face. This is Pinterest humor at its finest and has the most comments of any on this list.

#2 – We’ve All Wanted to Say It

Do you remember your teachers asking this question in school? If you responded this way, you knew you were the smartest kid in class! Memes like this help us to express what we’re really feeling deep inside. Especially when someone asks us a silly question that deserves a silly answer. Thanks to user theBERRY for saying what we’ve all been thinking all these years.

#3 – Does Anyone Know How to Fly a Plane?

This is the last thing you want to see at 11,000 feet. Sometimes it’s just not your day, but hey, the pilot is having a blast. This funny picture must have been hard to take. Although a good laugh is worth the effort, right? The Funny Beaver contributed this example of raw Pinterest humor, and the same user shows up multiple times on this list.

#4 – I Have an Excuse!

Do you have a problem with interrupting people mid-sentence? Not anymore! Use this funny quote to show that you’re not really interrupting them at all. You’re just a product of your own genius and excitement. Share this one around the office to give everyone a good belly laugh. The Funny Beaver is responsible for this pin, too.

#5 – Wait for It… Wait for It…

the words wait for it written in orange

This one takes a minute, but the payoff is worth it. The horse wants you to know exactly what you’re looking at. If you don’t see it at first, keep looking. This Pinterest humor classic works like a Magic Eye puzzle of the past (for those old enough to remember).

It can make a great share at work or on your social media profiles. Also, it comes from the user Quotes Words Sayings, who has some other hilarious pins to check out, as well.

#6 – Well, They Asked for It

Target stores have been asking for this stunt for years. Someone finally tried to give them what they wanted. The result was a hilarious fail for your enjoyment. You have to ask yourself, though, how did he get there in the first place? There was surely a funny moment right before this one! The pinner‘s username is Suburban Men. Sounds fitting, right?

#7 – Now This Is Just Weird!

There’s not much that can be said about this funny meme from This has to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. Just be thankful this organic chef thought to capture it on camera and share this funny meme with the Pinterest world. You have to wonder how good that carrot really is!

#8 – For All You Marvel Fans

Is there more to Guardians of the Galaxy than just a comic and movie franchise? Could those Samsung store techies be the true heroes in disguise? The next time you see a Samsung specialist, you might want to ask him if he’s really a Guardian at night and phone expert by day. This thought provoking meme comes from

#9 – Here’s the Excuse We All Need

a smiley face laughing

Don’t feel bad about stress eating ever again! Logic trumps guilt every time. Thank you to the pinner of this deep, meaningful, and hilarious quote. The next time you feel stressed out, just remember to turn that frown upside down and turn the word backward.

Then you can indulge in some guilt-free dessert while remembering this funny quote. The pin comes from The Funny Beaver, who is also the genius behind the next quote.

#10 – Doing It Right

When people want you to think you’re doing it wrong, just remember that they don’t know squat (pun intended). This funny quote comes from The Funny Beaver, who really knows how to use a treadmill. Those holes aren’t for water. Who drinks water, anyway?

They’re clearly for your favorite crunchy snack. If you’re not adding calories just as fast as you burn them, then you’re not working hard enough! Share this one with your gym buddies who love to show off that hard-earned six-pack.

Let’s Recap

The pins above showcase some of the funniest Pinterest humor online today, but more memes, funny pictures, and hilarious quotes are added all the time. Take a break from work sometimes and see what else people post and add your own hilarious pins to put a smile on someone else’s face today.

Signing up for Pinterest is easy, and you can be exploring Pinterest humor and adding your own comments within minutes. Who knows, you might even become the next meme star!

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How to Use Pinterest for Your Business to Increase Traffic

Technology has seen the invention of social media. Millions of people have an online social life in the social media sphere. Businesses are also striving to market themselves via various platforms on social media. In this article, you will learn how to use Pinterest for your business.

the word pinterest written with scrabble letters

This topic is useful to companies. This is because Pinterest as a platform can help market the business to a whole new audience. We will offer you tips and ways of how to use Pinterest for your business in the most optimal way.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business – 17 Tips

1. Add an On Hover Pin It Button to Images

the Pinterest logo and some red pins

If your blog images make it to Pinterest, there will be an increase in traffic. This button appears over pictures on your blog when a visitor uses a mouse over the pictures. It is easy to use the button especially because Pinterest gives detailed steps on how to do it. You can install the button on your website to encourage visitors to pin images from your website.

2. Network with Influencers

Each and every platform has influencers who are outstanding within their industry. Having a relationship with such a user can benefit your business. Now, how to use Pinterest for your business with these influencers? You can build this relationship by following them and re-pining their content that you like. You can then like their pins and make meaningful comments. This will result in visibility among new audiences.

3. Convert Your Pinterest Personal Page to a Business Page

some statistical facts about social media networks

The appearance of the business page is similar to that of a personal page. However, business pages give important information through added analytics features. These analytics features can help measure number of repins as well as visits from users to your site. You can use it to identify the number of unique users, impressions, and content that gets most repins.

4. Designate Boards to Stand for Your Business

The casual feeling of Pinterest might get you lost. Hence, you might lose the chance of creating boards that reflect your business. If you want to learn how to use Pinterest for your business, you need to start designing boards that share content of interest with your audience. The boards should relate to your business.

5. Explore Rich Pins

On Pinterest you will find five kinds of rich pins that will allow you to add details that are topic specific to a pin:

  • Article pins include author, link, headline, and story description.
  • Product pins include availability, real-time pricing, and where to buy.
  • Recipe pins include cooking times, ingredients, and serving info.
  • Movie pins include cast members, ratings, and reviews.
  • Place pins include the phone number, address, and map.
  • Validate your rich pins once you determine the kind of rich pin you want to apply for.
  • Use the rich pins you have to give your audience more information that interests them.

6. Follow Other Businesses

There are no better ways to learn how to use Pinterest for your business than modeling after those that have already done it. A lot of businesses share content on Pinterest that they don’t share on other platforms. Search for the businesses whose blogs you follow on Pinterest. Connect with content providers that you trust on Pinterest. Do this to discover what more they have to offer.

7. Greet Commenters

Pinterest’s casual style shouldn’t prevent you from engaging with the commenters. Users notice when businesses take part in conversations. Ensure that your social media managers give responses to questions and comments that users post on pins.

8. Heed Image Dimensions as You Pin

Ensure that your pins and boards look attractive by taking size into consideration. Experts say that skinny pins are the image sizes that are mostly clicked on. They create traffic since they need you to click on them in order to see the full size.

9. Invite Others to a Group Board

Collaborate with prospects and clients on Pinterest by inviting them to a group board. As the creator of the board, you will be able to change the board’s description and title. You can remove inappropriate pins from the board if any.

10. Justify with Facts

an infographic with statistics about social media networks

Users want simple, digestible information. This kind of information subjects itself well to infographics. Infographics are liked by users. They drive traffic to your site in an excellent way. In the case you do not create infographics of your own, share existing ones that could benefit your users.

11. Keep Your Pins Inspiring

Pinterest allows for inspiration via pins that share art, books, quotes, and movies. Pinterest also inspires traveling via maps, phone numbers, and addresses.

12. Leverage Your Website Images

Some industries are more image friendly than other industries. Get more images by taking note of your brand’s image assets. These brand’s image assets are web pages, staff photos, and white paper graphics as well as charts and corporate events.

13. Regulate the Use of Pin It Buttons

Add Pin It button to the browser you are using to enable seamless pinning. Just pin for a few minutes a few times a day. Do not overdo it.

14. Name Images in a Strategic Manner

Name your pictures with hyphens (versus underscores). Also, use keywords so that search engines recognize the name of the image.

15. Optimize Pinterest for SEO

SEO and content go together with no regards to the platform. Below are ten tips to optimize the Pinterest presence of your business for search:

  • Select a company name that is optimized.
  • Do optimization of the “About” section.
  • Link the images to your website.
  • Use different inboards.
  • Speak in the language of your audience.
  • Use your pins’ description in a wise manner.
  • Ensure pinned images have alt text and file names that are descriptive.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Ensure you leverage on long tail keywords.
  • “Pinjack” relevant images and search terms.

16. Promote Your Less Followed Boards

Boards that receive less attention from you have few followers. Repin from these boards to other boards with more followers and related content. Crose selling should be in your arsenal if you are keen to learn how to use Pinterest for your business.

17. Quote Comments from Events

Promote an annual event by pinning speakers’ comments to an event board. Scrapbook look and feel from Pinterest allows users to scroll through quotes. These quotes are on a board from the previous year’s speakers. Format your quotes via Quozio for easy pinning.

Let’s Recap

If your business is still not on Pinterest, it is time to hop on the bandwagon. You can share the experience that you have gathered from the use of the tip. Use some or all of the above tips, and you will see how much buzz you will create in the social media world. At the end of the day, the best way to learn how to use Pinterest for your business is by actually putting those tips into practice.

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The Most Popular Pinterest Food Accounts To Follow

Pinterest has become the hub of ideas on the internet from animals to Zumba, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find many accounts devoted entirely to food. In fact, Pinterest food accounts are some of the most followed, loved for their unique ideas and recipes. With so many to choose from, let us help you narrow it down with the top ten Pinterest food accounts that you should follow!

three small potato soup bowls

Top Best Pinterest Food Accounts for Your Inspiration

1. Amanda Livesay Fake Ginger Pinterest Food Blog

a cool plate of french fried

Topping our list with 4,522,567 followers is food blogger Amanda Livesay, better known as “Fake Ginger.” Known for her sarcasm and wit, Amanda is a mother of three and an avid dog lover. She started her Pinterest food blog over eight years ago, and her following has grown steadily since then.

With over 100 boards and nearly 50,000 pins, she has ideas for everything from Thanksgiving dinner and summer treats to homemade dog biscuits and crockpot meals. Whatever kind of recipe you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a few new ideas here. You can check out all of her original recipes on her website Fake Ginger.

2. Tammy Shames & Lyssie Lakatos Nutrition Twins Pinterest Food Blog

a meal with meat and vegetables

Coming in second with 3,677,053 followers are these twin dieticians and personal trainers Tammy Shames and Lyssie Lakatos. The sisters have been working with people all over the US in the fitness industry, for over 15 years. They have been featured as Nutritional Experts on several TV programs such as The Doctors, Good Morning America and Fox & Friends.

With nearly 50 boards you can find plenty of recipes to keep you healthy and energized. The duo has three books available for purchase on Amazon, and their personal website is called Nutrition Twins.

3. Food Network Pinterest Food Blog

a table full of food, nachos, french fries and others

Next up with 855,217 followers is the Food Network. Around since 1993, the TV channel has made its debut on Pinterest with a roaring success. With over 100 boards and 13,00 pins, you can find recipes inspired by Food Network stars, shows, and viewers. You can find all of their content on their own website.

4. Joanna Cismaru Jo Cooks Pinterest Food Blog

a wooden table with a white ceramic plate on it

Boasting an impressive 485,020 followers, food blogger Joanna Cismaru promises big flavors with every recipe. Hailing from Calgary, AB, she focuses on easy to make recipes with ingredients that are easy to find in your own pantry. She’s written “30 Minute One-Pot Meals” with over 100 recipes for every meal with busy moms in mind. You can find all of her recipes on her website, which has the name of Jo Cooks.

5. Jaclyn Cooking Classy Pinterest Food Blog

a large bowl full of macarons

Jaclyn has earned her 532,891 followers by having easy to follow recipes with a sweet side. A self-professed “Sugar Addict,” her recipes range from savory family meals to desserts that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. Her eye for plating and arrangments make each of her recipes look good enough to eat right off of your screen. With over 100 boards. You will definitely find a recipe for anything you might need. Her website Cooking Classy will keep you coming back again and again.

6. Averie Sunshine Averie Cooks Pinterest Food Blog

a large piece of chocolate cake

Averie Sunshine, a Southern California native has 481,152 followers on Pinterest, and for a good reason. One can easily replicate her fast and easy recipes, with little fuss. Over 100 boards full of easy dinners and scrumptious sweets ensure that you’ll find a recipe for every one of your tastebuds. You can find her book on Amazon and all of her personal recipes at Averie Cooks.

7. Lori Lange Recipe Girl Pinterest Food Blog

chocolate chip cookies and coffee

Having 452,585 followers represents an achievement to be proud of, and its only one of many for Nevada native, Lori Lange. This former school teacher has her recipes published in 18 major magazines and newspapers, and she creates recipes for 20 big name brands such as Kraft and Betty Crocker. She has over 120 boards to find recipes for every meal from breakfast to a midnight snack.

Her book “The Recipe Girl Cookbook” can be found on Amazon. You can find all of her recipes and much more on her website, Recipe Girl.

8. Chungah Rhee Damn Delicious Pinterest Food Blog

a table full of tasty dishes

Chungah Rhee of Damn Delicious has earned herself a cool 392,897 followers by staying true to her tagline, “Simple Ingredients, Elegant Dishes.” With nearly 90 boards to choose from her, along with her corgi Butters, have scoured the internet to find quick and easy recipes that look like they took hours to make. You can find her book on Amazo and all of her recipes at Damn Delicious.

9. Naomi Bakers Royale Pinterest Food Blog

a fancy dessert and some strawberries

234,708 followers have turned to Bakers Royale for ideas, and Naomi has yet to fail them. Created in 2010 alongside her husband’s food blog, Naomi began to bake both sweet and savory goods with ” a whisk in one hand and a camera in the other.” With 90 boards, this Pinterest food account provides something to satisfy every craving. You can find all of her recipes on her website,  Bakers Royale.

10. Oh My Veggies Pinterest Food Blog

a vegan sandwich

With 178,614 followers, Oh My Veggies doesn’t need meat to make a delicious meal. Based out of Chicago, this collaborative effort offers vegetarian and vegan recipes to cater to every lifestyle.With over 70 boards, Oh My Veggies delivers classics with a meatless twist alongside all new recipes. You can find their eBook on their website, along with meal plans, ingredient reviews, and recipes Oh My Veggies.

Bottom Line

With so many wonderful Pinterest food blogs to follow, you’re sure to find a recipe for every meal, event, and craving you could ever have. With all of these recipes at your fingertips, you don’t need to hesitate to take these great ideas right off of your screen and onto your table.

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Top 8 Pinterest Hairstyles Ideas & Tips

Have you created a new Pinterest board to collect pics of the new hairstyles you’re considering? Sweet! Here’s a list of the top 8 Pinterest hairstyles of the season. They’re fun, flattering looks which range from classic to hip, and are really simple to pull off.

stylish blonde hairstyles

8 Inspiring Pinterest Hairstyles Ideas to Consider

1. Sweet French-Braided Bun

messy french braided bun

This style is basically a messy bun with an accent braid that can be small and dainty or chunky. One of the most popular Pinterest hairstyles, it’s almost mistake proof, and it only takes a few minutes to create. Start a French braid near the front of your head, and then work around to where you’d normally place a ponytail.

The braid can be centered, or started near a side part. Then, gather together the remaining loose strands of hair and twist them into a messy bun. If your bun is small, you can give it extra fullness, with a cute messy hair bun extension, such as the ones made by OneDor.

2. Back-to-Business Bob

a young attractive brunette woman with a bob haircut

The bob is a very simple classic hairstyle will never go out of fashion. It always looks professional, stylish and very chic. And, for those of you who visit the hairstylist every six weeks, it’s almost maintenance-free. Compared with other Pinterest hairstyles, it is a little shorter-—between chin and shoulder length-—but looks great with straight, curly or wavy hair. There are endless ways to style it with accessories and clips.

3. Heavenly Headband

blonde woman wearing braided hairstyles

This romantic hairstyle keeps your hair off your face and is a more elegant alternative to a plastic headband. It’s an easy style to create and looks great with medium to long hair of all textures. Start with a side-parted braid that crosses over your crown. Continue the braid along the side of your head, and secure it near the back of your head with a flat clip. Cover the clip with the remaining hair. Try this pretty braided hairstyle on the weekend, or for a special occasion.

4. What’s All the Buzz About?

two undercut haircuts with haircut patterns

If you want to rock these trendy trendy Pinterest hairstyles, ask your stylist to clip the hair extremely short at the nape of the neck while leaving the top and sides long. Some design options, for the buzzed area, include spirals, florals or geometric patterns. When you want to let your funky side show, pin it up and show off the cool design. Plus, if you work in a conservative office, the clipped area can be easily covered. It’ll be your secret!

5. Bring on the Bangs

an asian woman with a bob and bangs haircut

Blunt-cut bangs evoke the look of the groovy, fashion-forward girls of the 1960s. This style looks best with thick, straight hair, but can also look pretty with curly or wavy hair; the result is just a bit softer. Bangs focus the attention on your eyes, softening your features, and, some say, making you more youthful-looking. Since they’re not commonplace, bangs suggest an independent, self-confident personality. So, if you’re looking for Pinterest hairstyles that stand out from the crowd, go for it!

6. The Faux-Bow

a young girl with a faux bow hairstyle

Some Pinterest hairstyles are too cute to pass up. This is a ribbon-like bow, styled from the ends of a half-pony tail. Simply pull a large loop of hair back through your ponytail’s elastic, then separate it into two halves, which form the two sides of the bow. Leave a tail long enough to wrap up and over the center, covering the elastic.

Tuck the tail behind the elastic, so it forms the center of the bow. Lastly, secure the tail against your head with a hairpin, and you’re done! This faux-bow is a playful, witty and an easy way to “accessorize” your do. Add waves or curls to the rest of your hair for a very feminine touch.

7. Puff Ponytail

a braided ponytail hairstyle

Here’s a style that puts a vintage twist on the basic ponytail. Tease the hair on the crown of your head, and then gather it into a ponytail. The front half is draped smoothly along the sides of your head. It should just cover the top of your ears, before being swept up into the ponytail. This style is an elegant way to quickly refresh your look without using tons of product or spending an hour in front of the mirror.

8. Clever Colors

a young woman with purple hair

Craving a unique look? Choose three or four shades of your favorite color to add high- and low-lights to your whole head, including the layers of hair underneath. If you’re brave enough, the results will be stunning. Experiment with vibrant hues of purple and blue.

Or, if you’re feeling timid, start with more natural colors. Remember, if you’re over 18, try to stop short of the “unicorn” look. In fact, test colors on small swatches of hair, and bring sample photos to the salon with you. The downside—you’ll have to maintain the roots. The upside—your friends, will have such hair envy!

Bonus: Simple Hair Care Tip

Dry, brittle hair seems to plague some people no matter what the season or climate is like. If your hair tends to dry out easily, don’t shampoo it every day. Work in a light conditioner instead. Then, massage your scalp vigorously before rinsing with warm water. Don’t worry! It won’t look greasy, and you’ll probably need to use fewer products to control flyaways.

Let’s Recap

These cute Pinterest hairstyles are just a sampling of what’s out there, so have fun exploring and experimenting. Your hair is typically on display no matter what the season or temperature, and it’s often a subtle clue as to how you’re feeling. If your hair’s looking drab, now is the perfect time to try a new color or update your style. At the very least, pull out that box of clips and barrettes, and try some of these styles. You’re bound to be inspired!

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