The Best Pinterest Crafts Accounts to Follow

Pinterest is home to many successful artists and crafters, many who have managed to master their trade. From glass ornaments to fabric DIY projects, there seems to be a never-ending list of Pinterest’s creativity. For your crafting needs, we have built a list of the top 10 best Pinterest crafts accounts you should be following. Enjoy!

crafting and coloring tools

The Best Pinterest Crafts Accounts You Should Follow

1. LearnVest DIY

The LearnVest DIY account is perfect for people who love working with their hands. With hundreds of DIY ideas from handcrafted gifts to room setups, you’re going to wow your family and friends with your creative intentions. With weekly posts of fresh and creative ideas, you will never get bored and beg for more! Not to mention, many of these crafts can be made from everyday material most likely found in your home.

2. Bright Nest

Bright Nest is a popular board on Pinterest that specializes in decor and home tips. Their main focus is upcycling old products you may have around the house and giving them new life. The crafting ideas on Bright Nest’s page will help you to simplify your life, all while having fun with crafting. They also have a ton of home hacks and tips to help you stay organized and realize your house’s full potential. For smart and inventive crafters, Bright Nest Pinterest crafts board is the place to begin.

3. A Subtle Revelry

For cute crafting ideas, you need to follow A Subtle Revelry’s Pinterest crafts boards. Her boards provide simple crafting ideas that are easy to make and look great too. This page holds a ton of inspiration for updating your home decor and giving awesome homemade gifts. It would be difficult to visit the page of A Subtle Revelry and not find at least five different projects you want to start.

4. Young House Love

Young House Love is the name of a fairly popular DIY and home improvement blog. They post some of their best ideas for DIY craft projects on their Pinterest boards, as well as other design ideas and decorating tips. Most of their projects are home based. If you are looking for some inspiration to make your own fun lampshade or some crafts to decorate your living room, you will definitely want to follow.

5. Handmade Charlotte

knitting needles and yarn rolls

The Pinterest crafts boards of Handmade Charlotte hold some of the best ideas on the entire website. She focuses mostly on crafts that you can do with and for the children in your life. Her designs are fun and funky. Some are simple enough for your child to enjoy and some are complicated enough for you to enjoy. Many of her boards also contain great gift ideas that are cute enough for anybody to enjoy, even adults!

6. SavingsMania

If you are looking for fun, low cost craft ideas, the first place you will want to look is the Pinterest crafts boards of SavingsMania. Not only do they have great money saving tips, but the also a ton of very cute ideas. These DIY projects may be cheap, but they certainly do not look it! Her crafting tips will make your home more organized, your decor more colorful, and your life easier.

7. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is everything a Pinterest crafts account should be. Her designs are minimalistic and highly aesthetic. The crafts look so professional, your friends will not believe that you actually made them. Most of her boards are dedicated to home decor and do-it-yourself gift ideas. But beware, looking at her page may make you very hungry as there are also tons of delicious recipes on there, including a board dedicated solely to donuts!

8. Craftsy

True craft lovers probably already know about the Craftsy website, but they may not know about their awesome Pinterest crafts boards. Craftsy focuses mainly on sewing, knitting, and crocheting patterns and crafts. They provide a ton of tips on cake decorating as well. Their website also features tons of online video classes. Whether you are just getting into crafting or you are a seasoned pro, this is the place to go for new ideas and inspiration.

9. BuzzFeed DIY

Is there anything BuzzFeed is not good at? Check out BuzzFeed’s DIY and Crafts board for instant inspiration. You don’t need to artistically inclined to be able to enjoy these crafts. The projects on here are simple enough that anyone can do them and receive beautiful results. Plus, they provide ideas to fit every need, whether it is budget crafting or crafting for kids. You will definitely want to come here for all of your crafting, home decor, and gifting needs.

10. Jo-Anne Fabric and Craft Stores

Of course, a craft store has a killer Pinterest account. Their boards are beautifully organized, and each one focuses on a different subject. Every craft lover will be able to find the right board for all of their needs. There are sewing, knitting, upcycling, budget, and children’s Pinterest crafts boards. There is even a board with simple ideas made specifically for beginners. No matter who you are or your skill level, you will be able to garner some inspirations from the Jo-Anne Fabric’s Pinterest account.

Among these colorful and funky Pinterest crafts accounts you will find some of the most unique and hard working crafters. All dedicating their hard work and skillful mindset into transforming their, and hopefully your, home into a beautiful environment. Do the artists and follow their accounts, especially if you loved their work. If you have any craft ideas or know Pinterest craft accounts that are worth a mention feel free to comment below.

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Top 11 Pinterest Home Décor Ideas to Get Inspired by

Pinterest is a convenient site to find ideas in home décor. You’ll find a wide range of ideas, including DIY, crafts, inexpensive décor, and luxurious design ideas. Regardless of the budget you have, you can find amazing ideas on Pinterest, such as sliding barn doors, peel and stick wood paneling, and mirror table centerpieces. Pinterest home décor ideas are among the most inspirational ones.

a fall-designed living room

All types of interior design are represented on Pinterest as well. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, organic modern, or rustic home décor ideas, you’ll find them on Pinterest. Below we have compiled a list of the top 11 Pinterest home décor ideas to get inspired by. This list was evaluated based on number of repins and uniqueness.

The Best Pinterest Home Décor Ideas

a shabby and chic living room

1. Mirror Table Centerpiece

An easy way to add elegance to your dining room, this Pinterest home décor idea received 122.8k repins. It’s a fairly simple idea to implement. Just place a mirror in the middle of the table and add crystal glasses and candles on top of the mirror. You could also include a vase filled with flowers on the mirror. It would work just as well without the vase or flowers. Experiment with items that bring elegance to the room and reflect your own personal style.

# of repins: 122.8k

2. Light Switch Vinyl Decal

The light switch is often forgotten when homeowners decorate their homes. However, adding a light switch vinyl decal can really help a room come alive with style. Vinyl decals are easier and cheaper than paint. When you want to change the style, you can remove the decal instead of having to redo the paint job.

# of repins: 73.2k

3. 3D Self-Adhesive Wall Stickers

3D self-adhesive wall stickers are an inexpensive home décor idea to be inspired by. It’s not feasible to change the material your wall is made of. This is part of what makes these 3D wall stickers so cool. If you like how brick looks, you can recreate a brick wall with 3D self-adhesive stickers. Once you want the plain flat wall back, you can remove the self-adhesive stickers.

# of repins: 13k

4. Elegant Kitchen

It’s usually the dining room that homeowners think to decorate elegantly. However, elegant décor can work for the kitchen too. This Pinterest home décor idea proves that point. Instead of cooking in a bland, typical kitchen, you can prepare your food in an upscale atmosphere. Install a chandelier or elegant-style semi-flush and include other features of elegant design in the kitchen to achieve the look. Silver candle stick holders and scroll designs are simple ways to add elegance.

# of repins: 8.2k

5. Metal Shelves

One of the most popular Pinterest home décor ideas is metal shelves. They are good for complementing contemporary and geometric interior design. Plants were displayed on the metal shelves in this pin, creating an organic modern look. These metal shelves are available on Hudson & Vine in four different sizes, so you don’t have to build them yourself.

# of repins: 7.1k

6. Ceiling Medallion for Chandelier

Another great home décor idea is using a ceiling medallion for chandeliers. A ceiling medallion is a design on the ceiling the surrounds where the chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Ceiling medallions can also be used around other lighting fixtures like semi-flush and pendants. Alternatives to ceiling medallions include decals and paint patterns. You have endless options in adding an extra touch to the ceiling in your home.

# of repins: 4.6k

7. Arabesque Border Stencil

You can upgrade your home’s interior design by adding border stencils to an entry way. The Arabesque Border Stencil immediately adds elegance to the home. You can use the stencils to emphasize areas of a grand ceiling as well. If the elegant style isn’t for you, there are many other different types of border stencils you can buy.

# of repins: 4.2k

8. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding glass doors have long been popular, but now sliding barn doors are in. There are many different types of sliding barn doors, including those which are a combination of glass and wood. You can see an example of the glass and wood sliding barn doors in this well-loved Pinterest pin. They add a stylish rustic look to the home décor. Sliding barn doors aren’t limited to entryways either. You could use cute sliding bar designs over the cupboards too.

# of repins: 3.9k

9. Glowing Mason Jar Rustic Wall Sconces

These rustic wall sconces balance a masculine and feminine touch. They also add uniqueness to the space. You can install them on any wall in the house where it works with the rest of the décor. Wall sconces are usually best for brightening a dark corner and filling an empty space on the wall.

# of repins: 2.8k

10. Peel and Stick Wood Paneling

Some homeowners like the thought of having wood walls, but don’t want to go through the effort of installing the sheets of wood to their walls. There is now a solution to that problem: peel and stick wood paneling. Unlike 3D self-adhesive wall stickers, peel and stick wood paneling is made of real wood. White oak, ivory white oak, reclaimed rustic pine, and natural acacia are several examples of wood peel and stick paneling available.

# of repins: 1.8k

11. Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles

Tiles aren’t just for the floor or backsplash anymore. You can install tiles on the ceiling for a creative look. Not many people expect to see tiles when they look up at the ceiling. These Polystrene ceiling tiles were popular on Pinterest, gaining 1.1k repins. There are many great designs in ceiling tiles that you can choose from to find a style that matches your home décor.

# of repins: 1.1k

Bottom Line

The 11 pins listed above are great home décor ideas that you can use for inspiration. These Pinterest home décor ideas have each received over 1,000 repins with the mirror table centerpiece generating the most repins at 122,800. Whether your home has an elegant, luxurious, rustic, or contemporary design, you can utilize at least more than one idea on this list. Rustic décor has been hot on Pinterest, but the other types of popular design are still going strong too.

Try one of these excellent Pinterest home décor ideas, and return to let us know how it turned out.

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Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

Update: ZipList is officially shut down as of December 10, 2014. This plugin will no longer function nor receive any new updates.

We recommend Easy Recipe Plus as it includes recipe rich pin features alongside being a great recipe plugin replacement.

Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

After Pinterest recently announced more ways to search for recipes, we asked our plugin customers if this meant they needed recipe rich pins enabled on their site.

When we asked which recipe WordPress plugin folks were already in using, the top answer was ZipList.

We looked at ZipList in-depth, and we discovered that their plugin already provided almost all of the rich pin meta data needed to validate with Pinterest’s rich pin format.

So we went ahead and created a free plugin that simply adds any missing meta tags and provides a link on each post edit screen to quickly validate all fields with Pinterest.

So if you need it, you can go ahead and download the Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList.

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Pinterest Widgets WordPress Plugin

Pinterest Board widgetYou’ve already got the “Pin It” button where you need it throughout your site. But what about other Pinterest widgets?

If you need a Follow button, Pin widget, Profile widget and/or Board widget, we just released a free Pinterest Widgets plugin.

For now it simply gives you the options that Pinterest provides in their widget builder, but without you having to insert any HTML or script into your WordPress site.

After activating the plugin on your site, simply go to your Widgets area and drag over any of the 4 Pinterest widgets you need. A little configuration after that and you’re done!

This plugin also supports shortcodes for all 4 widgets if you prefer.

Download the Pinterest Widgets WordPress plugin now

Or search for “pinterest widgets” in your WordPress admin (instructions).

Note if you’re using our old Follow button plugin, it’s no longer being maintained and you’ll want to use the new Follow button widget included in this plugin.

As always, we’d love to know what you think of this plugin. Let us know in the comments.

If you find any bugs with it please submit on the plugin support forum.

Rich Pins for E-Commerce

A couple of months ago Pinterest announced Rich Pins for sites with products, recipes or movies.

Since then we’ve gotten some feedback that many of you could use an easy way to set up rich pins with your products or recipes on your WordPress site.

So we’re happy to announce our first Rich Pins WordPress plugin is getting released soon!

Rich Pins for WooCommerce

Pinterest Product Rich Pins for eCommerceOur first rich pins plugin will be for products (e-commerce), and more specifically the WooCommerce platform. This decision was determined purely by initial demand from our customers.

Update: Product Rich Pins for WooCommerce is now available!

Not to worry. If there is enough feedback, votes and demand, we’ll be making rich pins plugins for other e-commerce platforms and/or recipes.

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In any case, if you join the list you’ll hear about any Rich Pins WordPress plugin we release.

Why Use Rich Pins?

Recently we’ve read there’s currently about 70 million users on Pinterest. Some claim around 10% make purchases through Pinterest with an average purchase price of $140-$180 per order.

But if you still want to brush up on the usefulness of rich pins, here’s a little bit of reading for you:

Pinterest’s Rich Pins for Business Page

How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know

Here’s Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets, Like, Yesterday

Leveraging Pinterest for SEO and E-commerce

Pinterest Price Drop Alerts Show The Power of Rich Pins

So why not add rich pins to your site, especially if we can help you with the technical side of things with a plugin?

The Rich Pins WordPress Plugin Roadmap

As we stated before, we’ll be releasing the Rich Pins for WooCommerce plugin first.

But we’ll be creating more plugins for other e-commerce platforms and/or recipes.

In what order will they be released? That’s purely up to the feedback we receive.

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