Pinterest Introduces Rich Pins

Pinterest product rich pin example

Update 11/21/2013: We now have Rich Pins plugins for Articles and WooCommerce!

Pinterest just announced and enabled “rich pins” (a.k.a. “more useful pins”).

Here’s a good overview of rich pins. In short, pins of products, recipes and movies can now display additional details under a pin if your website provides the data.

For example, a product pin can show the price, whether or not it’s in stock, and where it can be purchased.

Check out some examples of rich pins

So the question is, as a WordPress site owner, do you need a plugin for this? How important is this new feature?

Update 7/23/2013: We’re working on this feature, but could use your feedback. Please vote and comment on one or both of these features.

And a great new post on the subject:  Here’s Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets, Like, Yesterday

We’re on the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast

Oh So Pinteresting PodcastRecently I got the pleasure of being on the Oh So Pinteresting podcast talking about the Pinterest “Pin It” button WordPress plugin. Cynthia Sanchez asked a lot of good questions about the plugin, how people are using it, and what plans are for it in the future.

Listen to the Pinterest podcast episode here (or go to “Oh So Pinteresting” in iTunes)

Besides the podcast you should check out the Oh So Pinteresting website as well. It’s a fantastic resource for using Pinterest in general, but especially for utilizing Pinterest in your marketing efforts and getting more traffic to your site or blog. Cynthia is a true Pinterest expert and has published some great videos and posts as well.

Hover “Pin It” Button Features Added

The hover “Pin It” button part of the plugin has a few new useful features in the latest “Pin It” Button Pro 2.2.0 release including:

  • Place the hover button in any of the 4 corners of images.
  • Use any of the 30 included button designs for the hover button. They can be different from your page-level “Pin It” button.
  • Upload or select your own custom button for the hover button AND the page-level button.

Here’s a screenshot of the new settings:

pin it button image hover and custom button upload settings

Plugin customers have spoken, and these were a few of the top requested features and took priority. But more is always under development.

Click here to purchase “Pin It” Button Pro (if you don’t already have it) and get these fantastic features now!


Pin Counts from Pinterest Down (December 2012)

Update: Looks like it’s fixed!

It’s been since May that the service from Pinterest to provide pin counts has been down for a lengthy amount of time, but I’ve noticed it’s been down for at least a few hours.

Whether you’re using our plugins or custom embed code, the count isn’t appearing for anyone at the moment. We’ll just have to wait it out.

Your “Pin It” buttons should still show up. Just not the count bubble.