The Best Pinterest DIY Crafts Accounts to Follow

What did crafters and DIY-ers do before Pinterest? There are so many great Pinterest DIY crafts to choose from today that it can be a little overwhelming. To help out, we’ve combed through the massive list of Pinterest DIY crafts accounts to find the best of the best. These accounts were chosen because of their popularity, variety, and organization. Explore these Pinterest accounts to find inspiration, tips, and specific guidance on how to finish your next craft or DIY project.

the word create made of scrabble letters

The 12 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow if You Love DIY and Crafts

12. I Spy DIY

I Spy DIY has a fun name, but they also have a lot to offer. One of their boards features DIY Step-by-Step projects, helpful when you’re looking to try something you’ve never done before. There are boards for DIY home decor and renovation projects and boards for DIY party planning. It won’t take too long to spy something that interests you.

11. Creativebug

Some of Creativebug’s boards are Crafts for Kids, DIY Wedding Decor, DIY Pet Projects, and Mother’s Day DIY Ideas. There are many more boards as well, including boards devoted to certain crafts like quilting and embroidery. There is no shortage of inspiration on this Pinterest DIY crafts account, thanks to the team of inspiring designers and crafters Creativebug works with.

10. Handmade Charlotte

a knitting craft result

The Handmade Charlotte Pinterest account has dozens of boards full of DIY tips and tutorials and ideas for crafters of every stripe. There are boards for specific types of craft like sewing and working with paper. There are also boards based on holidays or spaces like kid’s rooms and backyards.

9. Craftsy

plenty of beads spread all over a table

The Craftsy Pinterest account organizes their boards mostly by type of craft or DIY project. There are boards for sewing, quilting, jewelry making, and more. For more specific interests, there are also boards for making pillows, purses, or socks. Also, there is even a board called Crafting Projects We Love where fans share some of the Craftsy projects they’ve completed.

8. Brit + Co

This account is run by Brit Morin, founder of Brit + Co, a company that strives to “ignite the creative spark in women.” Not everything on this account is DIY or Craft related, but there are a lot of DIY crafting boards, like the DIY Photo Projects board and the DIY Magic board. You can also find some good crafting and DIY projects spread out on other general topic boards such as the holiday-specific boards.

7. A Beautiful Mess

The Pinterest DIY crafts account of the popular A Beautiful Mess blog is loaded with inspiration and DIY crafting projects. Also, there are some boards devoted just to DIY and crafting projects such as the DIY Home Decor Board. Other boards, on topics like outdoor living and parties, include plenty of pins with a crafting or DIY focus.

6. The Saw Guy

some traditional woodwork tools

For the men and anyone interested in DIY projects but not so much the crafting side, The Saw Guy is the Pinterest account for you. It features all kinds of hands-on DIY projects. Boards include DIY Pallet Projects, DIY Man Cave Ideas, Woodworking Ideas, and DIY Projects for Kids. The manly men looking for a Pinterest DIY crafts account to follow need look no further than The Saw Guy.

5. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Jo-Ann’s is a store devoted to helping crafters do their thing, so it’s no surprise that their Pinterest account works to the same end. There are boards for specific types of crafts (sewing, knitting, quilting, jewelry making, paper crafts, etc.) as well as boards devoted to crafts perfect for certain seasons and holidays. The majority of the pins will link to projects at the Jo-Ann’s website and will, naturally, offer you the chance to buy the specific materials needed.

4. P.S.- I made this…

The name of this Pinterest account (and website) is like the rallying cry of DIY-ers and crafters everywhere. The boards are organized into clever categories, like DIY Videos and Do the CRAFT MATH. Moreover, the majority of the pins are project ideas and tutorials from the P.S. I Made This website.

3. Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts

several tape rolls on a notebok

If you’re looking for crafting and DIY ideas on a budget, this is the right Pinterest account for you. The boards are well organized by topic (things like Decor, Fashion, Garden, and Parties) and there is always a focus on low-cost ideas and projects. There are many boards devoted to kid projects, both projects for kids to do and projects to benefit kids.

2. Studio DIY

Studio DIY is managed by blogger Kelly Mindell, a self-described “DIY-er since birth” who is all about celebrating every day, holiday or not. This Pinterest account is well-organized and full of tons of DIY craft ideas. There are dozens of boards, some with over 1,000 pins each. Boards are broken down by theme (things like Mother’s Day and DIY for Kids) as well as specific crafting topic or material (things like Paper, Balloons, and Party Hats).

1. DIY Network

DIY Network, the television channel devoted to the DIY way of life, has a Pinterest account that can help you take your DIY projects to the next level. There are boards with DIY projects for every room in the house – bedroom, bathroom, man cave, patio, outdoor spaces, and kitchen. Furthermore, there are DIY projects for kids and DIY projects for different seasons, holidays, and occasions. It’s almost impossible to browse through the DIY Network’s Pinterest account and not find a new DIY project or two to try.

Drawing to a Close

One of these Pinterest DIY crafts accounts may have jumped out at you as a perfect match. Still, all 12 are worth exploring. Scan through the options and click Follow on those Pinterest DIY crafts accounts that you think will help you achieve your DIY craft dreams. Moreover, you can repin any projects you want to save for a rainy day. Do you have a favorite Pinterest DIY crafts account that wasn’t included on this list? Please share!

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Pinterest Humor – 10 Funny Memes, Pictures, and Quotes

Pinterest is a hugely popular website used for sharing all types of images with people of similar interest. Some may see Pinterest as a place for sharing recipes and crafting ideas, but there is a ton of Pinterest humor to brighten your day, as well.

a blue pin it button

The hilarious memes, photos, and quotes listed below are ordered according to the number of comments left on each pin, from most to least. You can add your voice to the discussion of these side splitters on Pinterest too! Without further ado, here are the top 10 items of Pinterest humor for your enjoyment.

The Funniest 10 Memes, Pictures, and Quotes on Pinterest

#1 – Monday Is Coming!

This hilarious meme comes from 8 Bit Nerds and has well over 100 comments so far. It’s one of the most popular memes on Pinterest today, and for a good reason. We’ve all felt this way on a Sunday evening. We look at the clock and groan as the seconds tick by.

We rationalize with ourselves to go to bed just one hour later. Well, maybe two hours. This meme perfectly describes how we feel when we stare Monday right in the face. This is Pinterest humor at its finest and has the most comments of any on this list.

#2 – We’ve All Wanted to Say It

Do you remember your teachers asking this question in school? If you responded this way, you knew you were the smartest kid in class! Memes like this help us to express what we’re really feeling deep inside. Especially when someone asks us a silly question that deserves a silly answer. Thanks to user theBERRY for saying what we’ve all been thinking all these years.

#3 – Does Anyone Know How to Fly a Plane?

This is the last thing you want to see at 11,000 feet. Sometimes it’s just not your day, but hey, the pilot is having a blast. This funny picture must have been hard to take. Although a good laugh is worth the effort, right? The Funny Beaver contributed this example of raw Pinterest humor, and the same user shows up multiple times on this list.

#4 – I Have an Excuse!

Do you have a problem with interrupting people mid-sentence? Not anymore! Use this funny quote to show that you’re not really interrupting them at all. You’re just a product of your own genius and excitement. Share this one around the office to give everyone a good belly laugh. The Funny Beaver is responsible for this pin, too.

#5 – Wait for It… Wait for It…

the words wait for it written in orange

This one takes a minute, but the payoff is worth it. The horse wants you to know exactly what you’re looking at. If you don’t see it at first, keep looking. This Pinterest humor classic works like a Magic Eye puzzle of the past (for those old enough to remember).

It can make a great share at work or on your social media profiles. Also, it comes from the user Quotes Words Sayings, who has some other hilarious pins to check out, as well.

#6 – Well, They Asked for It

Target stores have been asking for this stunt for years. Someone finally tried to give them what they wanted. The result was a hilarious fail for your enjoyment. You have to ask yourself, though, how did he get there in the first place? There was surely a funny moment right before this one! The pinner‘s username is Suburban Men. Sounds fitting, right?

#7 – Now This Is Just Weird!

There’s not much that can be said about this funny meme from This has to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. Just be thankful this organic chef thought to capture it on camera and share this funny meme with the Pinterest world. You have to wonder how good that carrot really is!

#8 – For All You Marvel Fans

Is there more to Guardians of the Galaxy than just a comic and movie franchise? Could those Samsung store techies be the true heroes in disguise? The next time you see a Samsung specialist, you might want to ask him if he’s really a Guardian at night and phone expert by day. This thought provoking meme comes from

#9 – Here’s the Excuse We All Need

a smiley face laughing

Don’t feel bad about stress eating ever again! Logic trumps guilt every time. Thank you to the pinner of this deep, meaningful, and hilarious quote. The next time you feel stressed out, just remember to turn that frown upside down and turn the word backward.

Then you can indulge in some guilt-free dessert while remembering this funny quote. The pin comes from The Funny Beaver, who is also the genius behind the next quote.

#10 – Doing It Right

When people want you to think you’re doing it wrong, just remember that they don’t know squat (pun intended). This funny quote comes from The Funny Beaver, who really knows how to use a treadmill. Those holes aren’t for water. Who drinks water, anyway?

They’re clearly for your favorite crunchy snack. If you’re not adding calories just as fast as you burn them, then you’re not working hard enough! Share this one with your gym buddies who love to show off that hard-earned six-pack.

Let’s Recap

The pins above showcase some of the funniest Pinterest humor online today, but more memes, funny pictures, and hilarious quotes are added all the time. Take a break from work sometimes and see what else people post and add your own hilarious pins to put a smile on someone else’s face today.

Signing up for Pinterest is easy, and you can be exploring Pinterest humor and adding your own comments within minutes. Who knows, you might even become the next meme star!

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9 Amazing Pinterest Nails Ideas & Designs

When it comes to DIY projects, Pinterest is the place to go. This website is home to millions of innovative ways to create amazing projects. Many people utilize Pinterest for beauty tips and tricks, including nail art. Pinterest has a ton of amazing nail art and manicures that are great for beginners and crafty people alike. Below are some of the best Pinterest nails ideas and designs.

a woman's hand with red manicure

The Coolest Pinterest Nails Ideas to Try

1. Newspaper Nails

pointy pink nails with written text on them

Newspaper print nails are a simple and classy way to express your love for reading and writing. These Pinterest nails only require white nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and, of course, newspaper. Start by painting the nail with a white base coat and let it dry completely. Soak the nail in a small cup of alcohol for a few seconds. Next, place the newspaper print-side down on the nail, and gently rub it onto the nail. Be careful not to let the paper shift. Finally, peel the paper from the nail and finish it off with a glossy top coat.

2. Quilted Nails

Quilted nails are very sophisticated and professional looking, but this look is easier to make than it seems. For the best results, use a light color. Begin by painting your nail with the color of your choice. Allow the polish to dry completely. Next, place three long, thin strips of striping tape diagonally and evenly spaced across the nail bed.

Take three more long pieces of tape and place them diagonally in the opposite direction to make diamond-shaped spaces. Paint a thick layer of polish on the nail and let it dry partially but not completely. Gently peel the striking tape, one strip at a time. Let the polish dry completely and add small rhinestones or glitter in the intersections. Seal in the design with a matte or glossy top coat.

3. Mermaid Nails

Mermaid nails or fish scales are a popular style of Pinterest nails that are also simple to do. You can do this if you have a mesh bag or you can buy nail vinyl. Use two contrasting colors for the best results. Begin by painting the nail with your first color, and let the nail dry completely. Next, wrap the mesh tightly around your finger, so that it covers the nail bed. Secure the mesh by taping it down to your finger. Paint over the mesh with the second color, being sure to include all of the spaces. Without letting the polish dry, gently remove the mesh. Once the nail is completely dry, finish it off with a matte or glossy top coat.

4. Plastic Wrap Nails

Using plastic wrap for these Pinterest nails is an innovative way to achieve an interesting texture. This is a very simple design that gives your nails a rustic look. Pick any two colors that go well together, and paint the nail with the first color. Let this first coat dry completely. Next, paint the nail with the second color. Before the second coat dries, take a ball of plastic wrap and dab it gently on the nail, which will remove some of the fresh polish and reveal the first color underneath an abstract texture. Let the design dry, and seal it in with a glossy top coat.

5. Tie Dye Nails

black tie nail design

These Pinterest nails are cute, casual, and fun to make for the summer. To make your nails look like a tie dye t-shirt, start by painting the nail white, and let it dry completely. Starting at the cuticle, use a thin brush to make small strokes and work your way in a spiral around the rest of the nail to the center. In order to create a more realistic design, try not to let the polish dry, so the colors blend. Continue to work in spirals with multiple colors until the center is filled in. Finish it off with a glossy top coat.

6. Galaxy Nails

long galaxy nails design

These classic Pinterest nails are beautiful and ideal for anyone, especially for those who like science fiction and outer space. To achieve this look, start with a white base coat. This will make the other colors pop. Break off three pieces of a makeup sponge and paint the rough edge of one sponge piece with black polish. Dab the black polish diagonally and through the middle of the nail.

Next, do the same with purple polish, dabbing it next to the black polish on both sides. Make sure the colors overlap to create a gradient effect. Lastly, take blue nail polish and dab it around the purple while overlapping. Let the design dry and then cover with a clear glitter polish. Paint on small stars using white polish, and finish off the design with a glossy top coat.

7. Strawberry Nails

short nails with strawberry pattern

It is super simple and adorable to paint your nails to look like strawberries. Start by painting the nail with a dark pink polish, and let the nail dry completely. At the cuticle, use green polish to paint three triangular-shaped leaves. Finish off this design by dotting the strawberry with yellow dots. Seal the design in with a matte top coat.

8. Fan Brushed Striped Nails

These fan brushed striped Pinterest nails are rustic, abstract, and easy to make. Pick a few colors that you think go well together. Start with a white base coat to help the colors pop. Separate the bristles on a flat paint brush and dip the edges in your first color. Swipe the brush across your nail until there is no more paint on the brush or until you want to switch colors. Continue to do this until you are content with the design, and finish it off with a glossy top coat.

9. Watermelon Nails

hand holding a piece of watermelon

Having nails that resemble slices of watermelon is a great way to get ready for summer. Start by painting your nail light pink and let it dry. Paint a straight line of green on one edge of the nail and let that dry. Next, paint a white, curved line, with the curve facing towards the green. Finally, paint three tear-drop shaped seeds in the middle of the pink section of the nail. Seal in the design with a glossy top coat.

Designs that may seem like only a professional can make can be easily made by anyone with a little practice. Pinterest has made it possible for anyone to be a nail artist, so don’t hesitate to try these or any other nail art designs you find!

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10 Happy Birthday Memes That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor!

How to Spread Birthday Cheer With Birthday Memes

What is the best way to help someone celebrate their birthday? The traditional birthday cake in the face may be taking it a little too far… and a “pinterest perfect” birthday gift may be a little too time consuming. A fun, simple, and awesomely cheap way to help spread some birthday cheer, is by sending them a funny happy birthday meme!

Will Farrell ‘Elf’ Birthday Meme

Just like Buddy from Elf, you can have your very own Christmas. Who says you have to count your birthday out?

For some, their birthday may even be their favorite holiday!

Anyway, have a very merry birthday!

If the meme is for someone you know like a family member, you can even type in “happy birthday sister meme” into your Pinterest or Google search engine.

Just like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman, you too can wish your sister a happy birthday.

3. Happy Birthday cat memes are all the rage now a days. Especially grumpy cat.

These memes are great for the cat lovers in your life to wish them a ‘catastic’ birthday.

Feeling classy? Wish your friends a happy and sarcastic birthday.

Willy Wonka can help with that!


You can even wish your loved ones a special happy birthday on behalf of their favorite actress or actor?
Who doesn’t want Ryan Gosling to wish them a very happy birthday.
Not only can these get name specific, but very topic specific! Have a friend or family member that likes Harry Potter? Puppies? Kim Kardashian?
There’s a meme for that too, and if not you can always customize your own meme.