Pinterest Introduces Rich Pins

Pinterest product rich pin example

Update 11/21/2013: We now have Rich Pins plugins for Articles and WooCommerce!

Pinterest just announced and enabled “rich pins” (a.k.a. “more useful pins”).

Here’s a good overview of rich pins. In short, pins of products, recipes and movies can now display additional details under a pin if your website provides the data.

For example, a product pin can show the price, whether or not it’s in stock, and where it can be purchased.

Check out some examples of rich pins

So the question is, as a WordPress site owner, do you need a plugin for this? How important is this new feature?

Update 7/23/2013: We’re working on this feature, but could use your feedback. Please vote and comment on one or both of these features.

And a great new post on the subject:  Here’s Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets, Like, Yesterday

We’re on the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast

Oh So Pinteresting PodcastRecently I got the pleasure of being on the Oh So Pinteresting podcast talking about the Pinterest “Pin It” button WordPress plugin. Cynthia Sanchez asked a lot of good questions about the plugin, how people are using it, and what plans are for it in the future.

Listen to the Pinterest podcast episode here (or go to “Oh So Pinteresting” in iTunes)

Besides the podcast you should check out the Oh So Pinteresting website as well. It’s a fantastic resource for using Pinterest in general, but especially for utilizing Pinterest in your marketing efforts and getting more traffic to your site or blog. Cynthia is a true Pinterest expert and has published some great videos and posts as well.

Pin Counts from Pinterest Down (December 2012)

Update: Looks like it’s fixed!

It’s been since May that the service from Pinterest to provide pin counts has been down for a lengthy amount of time, but I’ve noticed it’s been down for at least a few hours.

Whether you’re using our plugins or custom embed code, the count isn’t appearing for anyone at the moment. We’ll just have to wait it out.

Your “Pin It” buttons should still show up. Just not the count bubble.

Pin Counts from Pinterest Down (May 2012)

Update 5/30/2012 3:40PM PST: Looks like the pin count is working again, at least for the time being. Both plugins good to go as well as the Pin Count Tool.


Well it’s been 2 days now and the pin count coming from Pinterest is not working…anywhere.

Here’s what I posted in the support forums:

A few of you notified me yesterday that the Pin Count bubble wasn’t working on your WordPress site, and instead of a number showed a dash (“-“).

After doing a little digging, it doesn’t matter which version of the “Pin It” button plugin you’re using, or even if you’re using my plugin it at all.

Pinterest’s service for returning the pin count for any URL is currently down as of yesterday (May 28, 2012). We’ll just have to wait.

This applies to anyone using my plugins or even Pinterest’s own embeddable html/javascript.

Unfortunately, this means my newer plugin Top Pinned Posts currently can’t go out and retrieve pin counts either.

If you don’t like the look of the dash, you can go to the “Pin It” button settings in your WordPress admin and temporarily change the Pin Count to “No Count”.

Since so many sites use the “Pin It” button (plugins or not), I’m hoping Pinterest will resolve it sooner rather than later.

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Pinterest Bookmarklet Update May 2012

Recently Pinterest made a few changes to their bookmarklet, which in turn affects my “Pin It” button plugin’s popup if the button style “user selects image” is selected.

I noticed three major changes to the popup window:

  1. When hovering over each thumbnail, a white “Pin It” button appears.
  2. Images less than 150 pixel height or width are now included in the popup grid for selection (or was it less than 200 pixels).
  3. The description text now defaults to the image tag’s TITLE attribute. It used to be blank. However, it will still default to any selected text by the user which was the same behavior as before.

Below is a couple examples and a before and after of my wife’s photography blog.

Here’s the popup image selector before the May 2012 updates. Notice small images/thumbnails from the post itself aren’t included.

Here’s the popup image selector after the May 2012 updates (click for full screen). Many more images now mainly because of the small images/thumbnails from the post are getting included.

Finally here’s the description defaulting to an image’s title attribute.

The changes for #2 and #3 can be good or bad depending on how your site is setup.

You definitely want to fill out the title attribute for SEO reasons. And on this site I’ve been using the plugin SEO Friendly Images to automatically populate the title attribute with the name of the image. But I may have to re-think this as it’s been appending a number on it (since that’s how the file is named).

Besides those three changes, I think the bookmarklet also has updates related to pinning from YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr, but I haven’t fully tested them out.

If you’ve found anything else please post in the comments.