How to Choose the Best Pinterest Backgrounds to Attract More Followers?

Jumping on is a great way to get your products and services noticed. You put up a pin, people click on it and are taken to your website. And, having one of the most inspiring Pinterest backgrounds might help a lot.

a feather and a ring

The ten million dollar question is, “How do I get Pinterest users to click on my pin rather than someone else’s?” This is an important question if you are trying to drive traffic to your website to show yourself as an expert in a particular topic or if you’re trying to sell something to the public.

The answer is to create a pin, which is a graphic link to your web page, that is better than the ones around it. This may be easier said than done – but certainly not impossible.

The Secret to a Great Pin Starts Even Before Choosing the Pinterest Background Image

Pins are built from the ground up. In reality, they start even before you choose a background. When you wrote your post, you had a reader in mind? Was it a man or a woman? How old did you envision your reader to be?

Imagine that your post is about the latest book on developing a power swing for your golf game. You pictured a man benefiting from this book. In this case, you wouldn’t choose pink for your pin’s background because it’s too feminine. Instead, you’d choose a color that would convey that this post is for a man.

Or imagine that you’ve written a post about the safest toys for toddlers. Obviously, you want to reach out to young mothers. You won’t choose a background with dark browns and blacks.

What Feeling Are You Trying to Create with Your Pinterest Pin?

a foggy forest image with pine trees

Jerry Cao on, about art and design inspiration, examines 12 popular colors and the emotions they evoke.

For example, Jerry describes yellow as happy and friendly. This is not what you expect the masculine golfer to be feeling when he’s desperate to improve his golf game. On the other hand, black is described as powerful, sophisticated and cutting edge. Now, this is what your golfer is looking for! Therefore, having some black in your Pinterest pin’s background may convey the emotion of that power-swing your target audience is looking for.

So what would suit the young mother who is looking to find safe toys for her toddler? You might think that red is a good color for a post about toys, but Cao says that this color conjures up feelings of aggression, passion, and importance. This is not what safe toys are about.

On the other hand, white represents clean, healthy and virtuous. Obviously white would be a better choice for a Pinterest background for the mother who is searching for toys that are clean and safe.

Once You Know Your Best Pinterest Background Color, What Next?

a painting color palette

Now that you know the color of the Pinterest background color you want, you need an image or two to go over that background. Or you may decide to find a copyright-free image that has that color in the background already. One of Pinterest users favorite places to go for copyright-free images is Pixabay has over 800,000 images to inspire you.

Once on Pixabay, you are presented with the search box. Type in your keyword, such as golf. Choose an image that has the color you previously decided on. In the case of the golfer blog post, black conveyed power. Pixabay has an image that is a silhouette of a golfer in full swing at sundown. Perfect! This will certainly catch the eye of a man who wants to improve his golf swing.

If you find an image that will work as your pin’s background, download it. Be sure to choose the size that is at least 735 wide and 1100 high, because this is the ideal size of a Pinterest pin. If you choose a smaller size, the quality of the image will be compromised when you try to enlarge it to fit the size of a pin. However, reducing the size or cropping the image will not be a problem in keeping the image sharp.

What If You Don’t Find an Inspiring Pinterest Background Image on Pixabay?

There are many other places to find copyright-free images that you can use to make your Pinterest backgrounds. To locate them, log into your Pinterest account. Enter these words into the search box: copyright free images. You will be presented with loads of pins that lead you to sites with free images you can use for Pinterest backgrounds.

Using the Image You Found to Make Pinterest Backgrounds

sweet retro floral wallpaper

If you found an image that will help attract your target reader, you can adjust it or crop it to the proper size in program.

  • Log into or sign up with – signup is free.
  • Click on Create a Design.
  • Choose the Pinterest Graphic option and see a workspace appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the Uploads arrow.
  • Click on Load Your Own Images button.
  • Browse for your image and click on it.
  • Wait until Canva uploads your image completely.
  • Drag your image into the workspace.
  • If the image is a little too small, drag the corners out until the workspace is filled.
  • If the image is too large, drag the corners in or just put the area you want over the workspace.

Now you have an image that is the perfect size for a Pinterest pin, 735 x 1100 pixels. Save your background into your Canva account by clicking on File, then Save.

What If You Didn’t Find an Image that Will Work for Your Pinterest Backgrounds?

Sometimes you can’t find or don’t want an image as a background. There are times when a solid or textured background will suit your needs better.

In this case, Canva can help you again:

  • In Canva, click on Create a Design.
  • Choose the Pinterest Graphic option.
  • Type “Backgrounds” into the Canva search box.
  • See the Default Palette appear and several textures below.
  • Click on any of them to see how they will appear as a background.

Below the free backgrounds are the paid ones. They are only $1, so you might find one that is perfect for your needs. Scroll down further and more free and paid options will appear.

If you find a background that you like in the color you’re aiming for, drag it over to the Pinterest workspace. It will automatically fill the space to the perfect proportions for your Pinterest backgrounds.

Canva also has images that you can use as backgrounds. Type “golf” into the search box and see the results. A few are free but most cost $1. Drag any one you like into the Pinterest workspace. If you choose a paid image, you’ll see a crisscross watermark on the image that will be removed after you pay.

Putting It All Together

So as you can see, there are many ways to find and create the perfect Pinterest backgrounds for your posts. Start by thinking about your post. What message do you want to send to your target audience? What background color will convey the message you want to send?

If you want the background to be an image, go to and find an image that matches your post in the color scheme that fits your needs. Then upload that image into and place some eye-catching wording on top.

If you want a solid or textured background, you can place smaller images and words on top using Take the time to make your Pinterest background the best it can be since it’s the foundation of your pin. Top it with something eye-popping and pin away!

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9 Amazing Pinterest Nails Ideas & Designs

When it comes to DIY projects, Pinterest is the place to go. This website is home to millions of innovative ways to create amazing projects. Many people utilize Pinterest for beauty tips and tricks, including nail art. Pinterest has a ton of amazing nail art and manicures that are great for beginners and crafty people alike. Below are some of the best Pinterest nails ideas and designs.

a woman's hand with red manicure

The Coolest Pinterest Nails Ideas to Try

1. Newspaper Nails

pointy pink nails with written text on them

Newspaper print nails are a simple and classy way to express your love for reading and writing. These Pinterest nails only require white nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and, of course, newspaper. Start by painting the nail with a white base coat and let it dry completely. Soak the nail in a small cup of alcohol for a few seconds. Next, place the newspaper print-side down on the nail, and gently rub it onto the nail. Be careful not to let the paper shift. Finally, peel the paper from the nail and finish it off with a glossy top coat.

2. Quilted Nails

Quilted nails are very sophisticated and professional looking, but this look is easier to make than it seems. For the best results, use a light color. Begin by painting your nail with the color of your choice. Allow the polish to dry completely. Next, place three long, thin strips of striping tape diagonally and evenly spaced across the nail bed.

Take three more long pieces of tape and place them diagonally in the opposite direction to make diamond-shaped spaces. Paint a thick layer of polish on the nail and let it dry partially but not completely. Gently peel the striking tape, one strip at a time. Let the polish dry completely and add small rhinestones or glitter in the intersections. Seal in the design with a matte or glossy top coat.

3. Mermaid Nails

Mermaid nails or fish scales are a popular style of Pinterest nails that are also simple to do. You can do this if you have a mesh bag or you can buy nail vinyl. Use two contrasting colors for the best results. Begin by painting the nail with your first color, and let the nail dry completely. Next, wrap the mesh tightly around your finger, so that it covers the nail bed. Secure the mesh by taping it down to your finger. Paint over the mesh with the second color, being sure to include all of the spaces. Without letting the polish dry, gently remove the mesh. Once the nail is completely dry, finish it off with a matte or glossy top coat.

4. Plastic Wrap Nails

Using plastic wrap for these Pinterest nails is an innovative way to achieve an interesting texture. This is a very simple design that gives your nails a rustic look. Pick any two colors that go well together, and paint the nail with the first color. Let this first coat dry completely. Next, paint the nail with the second color. Before the second coat dries, take a ball of plastic wrap and dab it gently on the nail, which will remove some of the fresh polish and reveal the first color underneath an abstract texture. Let the design dry, and seal it in with a glossy top coat.

5. Tie Dye Nails

black tie nail design

These Pinterest nails are cute, casual, and fun to make for the summer. To make your nails look like a tie dye t-shirt, start by painting the nail white, and let it dry completely. Starting at the cuticle, use a thin brush to make small strokes and work your way in a spiral around the rest of the nail to the center. In order to create a more realistic design, try not to let the polish dry, so the colors blend. Continue to work in spirals with multiple colors until the center is filled in. Finish it off with a glossy top coat.

6. Galaxy Nails

long galaxy nails design

These classic Pinterest nails are beautiful and ideal for anyone, especially for those who like science fiction and outer space. To achieve this look, start with a white base coat. This will make the other colors pop. Break off three pieces of a makeup sponge and paint the rough edge of one sponge piece with black polish. Dab the black polish diagonally and through the middle of the nail.

Next, do the same with purple polish, dabbing it next to the black polish on both sides. Make sure the colors overlap to create a gradient effect. Lastly, take blue nail polish and dab it around the purple while overlapping. Let the design dry and then cover with a clear glitter polish. Paint on small stars using white polish, and finish off the design with a glossy top coat.

7. Strawberry Nails

short nails with strawberry pattern

It is super simple and adorable to paint your nails to look like strawberries. Start by painting the nail with a dark pink polish, and let the nail dry completely. At the cuticle, use green polish to paint three triangular-shaped leaves. Finish off this design by dotting the strawberry with yellow dots. Seal the design in with a matte top coat.

8. Fan Brushed Striped Nails

These fan brushed striped Pinterest nails are rustic, abstract, and easy to make. Pick a few colors that you think go well together. Start with a white base coat to help the colors pop. Separate the bristles on a flat paint brush and dip the edges in your first color. Swipe the brush across your nail until there is no more paint on the brush or until you want to switch colors. Continue to do this until you are content with the design, and finish it off with a glossy top coat.

9. Watermelon Nails

hand holding a piece of watermelon

Having nails that resemble slices of watermelon is a great way to get ready for summer. Start by painting your nail light pink and let it dry. Paint a straight line of green on one edge of the nail and let that dry. Next, paint a white, curved line, with the curve facing towards the green. Finally, paint three tear-drop shaped seeds in the middle of the pink section of the nail. Seal in the design with a glossy top coat.

Designs that may seem like only a professional can make can be easily made by anyone with a little practice. Pinterest has made it possible for anyone to be a nail artist, so don’t hesitate to try these or any other nail art designs you find!

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10 Happy Birthday Memes That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor!

How to Spread Birthday Cheer With Birthday Memes

What is the best way to help someone celebrate their birthday? The traditional birthday cake in the face may be taking it a little too far… and a “pinterest perfect” birthday gift may be a little too time consuming. A fun, simple, and awesomely cheap way to help spread some birthday cheer, is by sending them a funny happy birthday meme!

Will Farrell ‘Elf’ Birthday Meme

Just like Buddy from Elf, you can have your very own Christmas. Who says you have to count your birthday out?

For some, their birthday may even be their favorite holiday!

Anyway, have a very merry birthday!

If the meme is for someone you know like a family member, you can even type in “happy birthday sister meme” into your Pinterest or Google search engine.

Just like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman, you too can wish your sister a happy birthday.

3. Happy Birthday cat memes are all the rage now a days. Especially grumpy cat.

These memes are great for the cat lovers in your life to wish them a ‘catastic’ birthday.

Feeling classy? Wish your friends a happy and sarcastic birthday.

Willy Wonka can help with that!


You can even wish your loved ones a special happy birthday on behalf of their favorite actress or actor?
Who doesn’t want Ryan Gosling to wish them a very happy birthday.
Not only can these get name specific, but very topic specific! Have a friend or family member that likes Harry Potter? Puppies? Kim Kardashian?
There’s a meme for that too, and if not you can always customize your own meme.

Top 4 Amazing Pinterest Wedding Ideas to Try

Pinterest is a gold mine of great design tips, ideas for creativity and clever DIY projects. All of this valuable information makes Pinterest the go-to website for wedding planning ideas. From color schemes and wedding themes to hacks and budget tips and everything in between, you can find any link you need to plan your Pinterest wedding of a lifetime. The following ideas were all found on Pinterest and are ranked in the order of popularity. Whether you are a future bride, an eager maid of honor or a wedding planner, Pinterest has what you need.

a groom holding his bride

Top 4 Amazing Pinterest Wedding Ideas to Try

1. Unusual Photo Opportunities

wedding shoes and roses bouquet

Of course, your wedding day will be one to remember. Make those memories unique and something you will cherish forever. While your professional photographer will have a set list of the must-have traditional wedding photos to take, bring your own ideas to the table. Think of ideas that show the bride and groom’s personality. For example, Pinterest has an amazing photo gallery of superhero inspired poses.

Take a bridal party photo to the next level with the groomsmen donning superhero emblems of their choice. Have them reveal the logos from under their button-down shirts by undoing the top two button and pulling their shirt open a la Superman style. You can also get your bridesmaids in on the fun by having them pose with the superheroes.

If superheroes aren’t your thing, find another common interest. Pinterest also has an example of a fast food fanatic groom from China. The groom and his buddies created costumes of popular McDonald’s menu items and surprised the future health conscious bride. The photos of her reaction were priceless and something the couple can laugh about for years to come.

Above all, make your photos special. Your wedding photos will be mementos you will cherish forever. Who knows, your creative ideas could end up being featured on Pinterest wedding accounts!

2. Unusual Wedding Cakes

an unusual wedding cake with sea elements on it

When it comes cooking and baking, Pinterest has you covered when you are looking for an unconventional recipe. Take, for instance, the example of a black and neon colored wedding cake. Who says that your wedding cake has to be a tradition tiered white with fondant flowers? Who says it even needs to be a cake.

One couple decided to serve up a donut tower as their wedding cake centerpiece. Another used Rice Krispies to create a one of a kind cake. Just like every other detail of your wedding, your cake should show off your personality. Pinterest wedding ideas offer hundreds of creative cake ideas from brides that have taken the plunge on an outrageous cake design idea.

Of course, the groom’s cake hasn’t been afraid to make a statement at most weddings. Usually, it is an outrageous representation of the groom’s love of a certain hobby or sport’s team. However, with the help of Pinterest, you can take your groom’s cake to the next level. From cake balls to buckets of money, think outside the box when it comes to designing this fun cake. Let the groom run wild with ideas. The possibilities are literally endless.

3. Ditch The Flowers With These Revamped Bouquets

blossom roses bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is an important piece of the wedding attire. You want something that will match the wedding’s theme, but not overpower the dress. While bouquets are usually made with flowers, either fresh or silk, many brides are opting for a different type of bouquet. Pinterest shows just how many random items can be used to make one of a kind bridal bouquets.

One bride took a dainty approach to a revamped bouquet by using a bunch of mini pearls. This beautiful arrangement made a statement while not taking the focus off the bride.

Like they say, either go big or go home. Another bride chose to use one single giant paper flower. This is a beautiful and bold choice. However, it is very budget friendly and can be made with inexpensive tissue paper in a variety of colors. Some craft stores may even carry pre-made giant flowers like this.

Do you love books, magazines, sheet music or even paper maps? You can use these meaningful pieces of paper to create a one of a kind bouquet. A great choice is a unique bouquet made of paper maps that show places the couple has traveled. Each piece of paper is rolled and shaped into these flowers.

4. Not Your Mama’s Wedding Dress

a young bride outdoors

Long gone are the days of only wearing a white ball gown as a bride. Even big name bridal designers are catching on the Pinterest weddings trend of different colors, unusual materials, and revealing cuts. Black and red seem to be the latest statement colors in wedding dresses.

Many brides fall in love with these unconventional looks, but steer away from them in fear of coming off as too outrageous. However, many of these brides end up regretting this decision. Don’t have any regrets on your wedding day. Choose the details you like and don’t worry about anyone else’s complaints (besides your future spouse)!

As brides look to make a statement on their wedding day, these dresses definitely do just that. Take everyone’s breath away in an gorgeous unconventional wedding dress and always be remembered as that bride. Your wedding day should be one to remember and with these gowns, all eyes are sure to be on you.

Summing It Up

On your wedding day, every detail should tell something about the bride and the groom. From hobbies to passions, you can find a way to incorporate your favorite things into any detail. Remember this is your day, and you can make it into whatever you want. Your first stop in the wedding planning process should be Pinterest wedding ideas. Pinterest will help you find what you need and how to bring it into your dream wedding. With thousands of amazing wedding ideas waiting at your fingertips, the only issue you will have is which ideas to leave off.

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The Best Pinterest Crafts Accounts to Follow

Pinterest is home to many successful artists and crafters, many who have managed to master their trade. From glass ornaments to fabric DIY projects, there seems to be a never-ending list of Pinterest’s creativity. For your crafting needs, we have built a list of the top 10 best Pinterest crafts accounts you should be following. Enjoy!

crafting and coloring tools

The Best Pinterest Crafts Accounts You Should Follow

1. LearnVest DIY

The LearnVest DIY account is perfect for people who love working with their hands. With hundreds of DIY ideas from handcrafted gifts to room setups, you’re going to wow your family and friends with your creative intentions. With weekly posts of fresh and creative ideas, you will never get bored and beg for more! Not to mention, many of these crafts can be made from everyday material most likely found in your home.

2. Bright Nest

Bright Nest is a popular board on Pinterest that specializes in decor and home tips. Their main focus is upcycling old products you may have around the house and giving them new life. The crafting ideas on Bright Nest’s page will help you to simplify your life, all while having fun with crafting. They also have a ton of home hacks and tips to help you stay organized and realize your house’s full potential. For smart and inventive crafters, Bright Nest Pinterest crafts board is the place to begin.

3. A Subtle Revelry

For cute crafting ideas, you need to follow A Subtle Revelry’s Pinterest crafts boards. Her boards provide simple crafting ideas that are easy to make and look great too. This page holds a ton of inspiration for updating your home decor and giving awesome homemade gifts. It would be difficult to visit the page of A Subtle Revelry and not find at least five different projects you want to start.

4. Young House Love

Young House Love is the name of a fairly popular DIY and home improvement blog. They post some of their best ideas for DIY craft projects on their Pinterest boards, as well as other design ideas and decorating tips. Most of their projects are home based. If you are looking for some inspiration to make your own fun lampshade or some crafts to decorate your living room, you will definitely want to follow.

5. Handmade Charlotte

knitting needles and yarn rolls

The Pinterest crafts boards of Handmade Charlotte hold some of the best ideas on the entire website. She focuses mostly on crafts that you can do with and for the children in your life. Her designs are fun and funky. Some are simple enough for your child to enjoy and some are complicated enough for you to enjoy. Many of her boards also contain great gift ideas that are cute enough for anybody to enjoy, even adults!

6. SavingsMania

If you are looking for fun, low cost craft ideas, the first place you will want to look is the Pinterest crafts boards of SavingsMania. Not only do they have great money saving tips, but the also a ton of very cute ideas. These DIY projects may be cheap, but they certainly do not look it! Her crafting tips will make your home more organized, your decor more colorful, and your life easier.

7. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is everything a Pinterest crafts account should be. Her designs are minimalistic and highly aesthetic. The crafts look so professional, your friends will not believe that you actually made them. Most of her boards are dedicated to home decor and do-it-yourself gift ideas. But beware, looking at her page may make you very hungry as there are also tons of delicious recipes on there, including a board dedicated solely to donuts!

8. Craftsy

True craft lovers probably already know about the Craftsy website, but they may not know about their awesome Pinterest crafts boards. Craftsy focuses mainly on sewing, knitting, and crocheting patterns and crafts. They provide a ton of tips on cake decorating as well. Their website also features tons of online video classes. Whether you are just getting into crafting or you are a seasoned pro, this is the place to go for new ideas and inspiration.

9. BuzzFeed DIY

Is there anything BuzzFeed is not good at? Check out BuzzFeed’s DIY and Crafts board for instant inspiration. You don’t need to artistically inclined to be able to enjoy these crafts. The projects on here are simple enough that anyone can do them and receive beautiful results. Plus, they provide ideas to fit every need, whether it is budget crafting or crafting for kids. You will definitely want to come here for all of your crafting, home decor, and gifting needs.

10. Jo-Anne Fabric and Craft Stores

Of course, a craft store has a killer Pinterest account. Their boards are beautifully organized, and each one focuses on a different subject. Every craft lover will be able to find the right board for all of their needs. There are sewing, knitting, upcycling, budget, and children’s Pinterest crafts boards. There is even a board with simple ideas made specifically for beginners. No matter who you are or your skill level, you will be able to garner some inspirations from the Jo-Anne Fabric’s Pinterest account.

Among these colorful and funky Pinterest crafts accounts you will find some of the most unique and hard working crafters. All dedicating their hard work and skillful mindset into transforming their, and hopefully your, home into a beautiful environment. Do the artists and follow their accounts, especially if you loved their work. If you have any craft ideas or know Pinterest craft accounts that are worth a mention feel free to comment below.

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