What Are the Latest Pinterest Update Changes Made in 2017?

There have been numerous changes made to Pinterest in 2017. Most of the latest Pinterest update changes have been made in the last few months, so businesses are still trying to figure out how these changes will impact them. The one thing that’s clear is the fact that Pinterest is focusing on making sure that their users have a better experience with their site.

This, of course, is connected to businesses as a big part of that better experience will need to be provided by the company. Businesses that rely on Pinterest for their revenue really need to keep up with what’s going on and experiment to figure out how to adapt to these changes. To help you get up to speed, here are the latest Pinterest update changes that you need to look into.

1. The Pinterest Lens

an example of Pinterest lens as seen on a smartphone

The latest Pinterest update featured the Pinterest Lens feature that aims to help you discover content by simply pointing your phone camera at it and tapping on your screen. After you’ve taken a snapshot of the photo that interests you, Pinterest will return related styles, ideas, and topics.

This seems to work best for fashion, home decor and food which should be very helpful since many businesses that are on Pinterest are in these industries. The Lens feature is still in the beta mode, so there’s no clear word on how the algorithm works and will work as it is fleshed out.

2. Instant Ideas

Pinterest instant ideas circle button feature

Similar to how the Lens feature works, you can find related content based on the content you’re already browsing on Pinterest. On each pin, there is a circle on the bottom right corner. When you tap the circle, the feed will pull up new results related to that pin.

Pinterest is planning to use both the Lens and Instant Ideas to offer more options to advertisers while helping users hone in on what they’re looking for. The plan is to have advertisers use photos to help target users instead of just keywords.

3. Shop the Look

Pinterest Shop the Look feature

Shop the Look was another feature that was part of the latest Pinterest update. The feature was made specifically for the home decor and fashion industries. With this feature, advertisers will be able to create blue circles in their pins and have them link to product pages.

The idea is to help advertisers get more value out of their pins with impulse purchases. Pinterest will also be collecting the best content from these industries and featuring them on their site. They’ll most likely start working with the big brands they already have partnerships with but may entertain featuring smaller businesses later.

4. Smart Feed Algorithm Update

Pinterest Smart Feed Algorithm feature

On top of the latest Pinterest update that added the new visual discovery tools, businesses had to deal with an algorithm change. Smart Feed is the name of Pinterest’s algorithm, and it determines what shows up in a user’s home feed. It is similar to how search engine optimization works. Also, it seems that Pinterest will be focusing on quality to help make these decisions.

Pinterest will base it off the quality of your pin, quality of the account, relevance and the domain the pin links to. That means that marketers will need to focus on creating great content for their pins. Also, they need to make sure their domain adds value to Pinterest users.

5. Retiring the Like Button

Pinterest account example with save button

The entire community of users was in shock when Pinterest announced that they would be removing the like button from the site. They are focusing on their save button. Therefore, you can still keep note of the pins that you’ve found useful, interesting or valuable.

The save button will allow users to organize their pins into different boards. It will also help guide Pinterest in showing users more of the content they’re interested in. How this will affect their algorithm is still a mystery. Still, many think that it will have a significant enough of an impact on what shows up on users’ home feeds.

6. Additional Security Features

the Twilio Authy security app

One of the worst things that can happen to your business is getting your Pinterest account hacked. To prevent this from happening, new security features were added to the latest Pinterest update. First, they will add two-factor authentication and require that you enter a verification code when you log in. This code is sent via text message or through the Twilio Authy app.

Second, the company has added a feature to help you review your devices. If you find a device you’re not familiar with, you can quickly remove that user from having access. You also get email alerts if unfamiliar devices and locations are being associated with your account.

7. More Food Related Features

new Pinterest food features

A large number of Pinterest users love using the app to find everyday recipes. There were some additional food features added in the latest Pinterest update that can help users find the perfect recipe. Users can now filter recipes by the time required to cook the dish, the type of diet and the ingredients they want to work with.

In addition, they’ll be integrating recipe ratings from some of the biggest cooking sites on the web like Food Network and Epicurious. This can lead to great opportunities for restaurants, online grocers, and food specialty eCommerce stores. It’s a relatively new feature. Therefore, food related businesses will need to see how it plays out to see if these features can be monetized.

Summing It Up

Those are some of the latest Pinterest update changes made in 2017. As you can see, the changes will have a big impact on both users and businesses using Pinterest. Users will have many more options to find the content they’re looking for.

Specific industries will have more opportunities to target their audience and monetize their content. However, it will be harder for businesses to profit from Pinterest. This happens because the company now wants to see quality content coming from their publishers.

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Top 5 Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Bloggers To Consider

WordPress is one of the greatest inventions of all time; right up there with sliced bread and gummy bears. It’s the most user-friendly software platform for creating a blog or any other kind of website, and one of the coolest things about WordPress is the huge variety of plugins available. One of the most important aspects of this blogging platform is represented by WordPress plugins.

the WordPress logo held by someone

If you’re new to blogging and aren’t sure what plugins are, they’re basically like apps for your smartphone. WordPress plugins add all kinds of neat features to your blog, and it’s worth your time to experiment and try out several of them to see if they’re a good fit for you.

All of the plugins in this article are available for free, but some of them do have upgrades available for a small price.

Top 5 Most Useful WordPress Plugins To Consider

a desk with a laptop on it

  1. Jetpack.
  2. Akismet.
  3. Easy AdSense.
  4. WooCommerce.
  5. Editorial Calendar.

The first couple of WordPress plugins listed here are likely to be of interest to all bloggers – especially beginners who are just trying to have a little fun with their blogs – while the last three are geared more toward experienced bloggers and those who are trying to make money with their blogs.

1. Jetpack

The Jetpack plugin for WordPress is a powerful all-in-one plugin with tons of customizable options, and it’s a fantastic choice for beginning bloggers who want lots of great features without having to constantly manage and update a whole bunch of different WordPress plugins that were created by different programmers.

Also, Jetpack is made by the folks at WordPress themselves, so you’re unlikely to experience any compatibility issues or lack of updates.

Here are just some of the things Jetpack can do for you:

  • Track your traffic stats and analytics.
  • Insert social media sharing buttons on posts and pages.
  • Add custom contact form into any page or blog post.
  • Add clickable image widgets to your sidebar and footer.
  • Automatically manage blog subscribers.

2. Akismet

Most bloggers love interacting with their readers through comments on their blog posts, but at some point fairly early in your blogging journey, you’re going to start getting comments from spammers who are just trying to get links to their products. Try not to take it personally, but don’t let those spam comments take the fun out of blogging for you.

Every blogger is going to receive spam comments on a daily basis, and Akismet is known for offering the best spam filters out there. Akismet is the leader in spam comment management, and it is one of the most popular WordPress plugins in the blogging world. Best of all, this plugin is free for most personal blogs.

3. Easy AdSense

Many bloggers are completely happy to just blog away and meet new blogging buddies, and that’s totally fine. But if you’re hoping to make some money from your blog, at some point you’ll probably want to experiment with some different methods for monetizing your blog.

Google ads are the easiest and most popular method of making money with a blog. But when you’re starting out, most bloggers don’t know how to write code. That’s why they’ll need some help with their ad layouts.

If that’s you, then you’ll probably want to have a way to help you quickly and painlessly drop the ads into your blog posts and sidebar, and Easy AdSense is one of the best WordPress plugins for monetizing your blog with Google ads. You’ll need to get an AdSense account with Google, but once you have that, this plugin makes monetization very easy and user-friendly.

4. WooCommerce

The popular WordPress plugins above are great for those of you who just want to write blog posts and interact with your audience. However, if you’re planning on selling actual products through your website, then you’ll need to set up your site for e-commerce. WordPress makes this easy.

The WooCommerce plugin is a very popular way to sell products through your blog. You can include photos and descriptions of the products with different categories and layouts. Your visitors can set up a shopping cart and pay securely with their PayPal or credit card too. It really does a great job of streamlining the entire process, making product sales through your blog quick and painless.

5. Editorial Calendar

If you really get serious about blogging, you’ll eventually want to settle into a regular publishing schedule, and you might even bring some other people on board to help you run your blog. This is where the Editorial Calendar plugin makes your life so much easier.

This plugin takes all your pre-scheduled posts. It lays them out in calendar format. This makes it easy to see if there are any content gaps that you need to fill. To move items around, you can just drag and drop them into the days where you want them. Then, the plugin will automatically update the new publishing dates. This way, you don’t have to go back into each post manually to do it.

And of course, you can add other users, so that you’re all working on the same calendar.

So now that you’re blogging adventure is well on its way, the time has come to start experimenting with some plugins to take your blog to the next level. Hopefully, some of these five free WordPress plugins will be of use to you.

Have you used any of these plugins on your blog already? What do you think of them? Do you need any help figuring them out? Feel free to share your questions and experiences in the comments section below. And if you see any questions down there from other readers that you already know the answers to, please share your tips to help out our community.

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Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

Update: ZipList is officially shut down as of December 10, 2014. This plugin will no longer function nor receive any new updates.

We recommend Easy Recipe Plus as it includes recipe rich pin features alongside being a great recipe plugin replacement.

Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

After Pinterest recently announced more ways to search for recipes, we asked our plugin customers if this meant they needed recipe rich pins enabled on their site.

When we asked which recipe WordPress plugin folks were already in using, the top answer was ZipList.

We looked at ZipList in-depth, and we discovered that their plugin already provided almost all of the rich pin meta data needed to validate with Pinterest’s schema.org rich pin format.

So we went ahead and created a free plugin that simply adds any missing Schema.org meta tags and provides a link on each post edit screen to quickly validate all fields with Pinterest.

So if you need it, you can go ahead and download the Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList.

Or simply search for “Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList” in your WordPress admin.

Pinterest Widgets WordPress Plugin

Pinterest Board widgetYou’ve already got the “Pin It” button where you need it throughout your site. But what about other Pinterest widgets?

If you need a Follow button, Pin widget, Profile widget and/or Board widget, we just released a free Pinterest Widgets plugin.

For now it simply gives you the options that Pinterest provides in their widget builder, but without you having to insert any HTML or script into your WordPress site.

After activating the plugin on your site, simply go to your Widgets area and drag over any of the 4 Pinterest widgets you need. A little configuration after that and you’re done!

This plugin also supports shortcodes for all 4 widgets if you prefer.

Download the Pinterest Widgets WordPress plugin now

Or search for “pinterest widgets” in your WordPress admin (instructions).

Note if you’re using our old Follow button plugin, it’s no longer being maintained and you’ll want to use the new Follow button widget included in this plugin.

As always, we’d love to know what you think of this plugin. Let us know in the comments.

If you find any bugs with it please submit on the plugin support forum.

Rich Pins for E-Commerce

A couple of months ago Pinterest announced Rich Pins for sites with products, recipes or movies.

Since then we’ve gotten some feedback that many of you could use an easy way to set up rich pins with your products or recipes on your WordPress site.

So we’re happy to announce our first Rich Pins WordPress plugin is getting released soon!

Rich Pins for WooCommerce

Pinterest Product Rich Pins for eCommerceOur first rich pins plugin will be for products (e-commerce), and more specifically the WooCommerce platform. This decision was determined purely by initial demand from our customers.

Update: Product Rich Pins for WooCommerce is now available!

Not to worry. If there is enough feedback, votes and demand, we’ll be making rich pins plugins for other e-commerce platforms and/or recipes.

Need rich pins for a different WordPress e-commerce platform?

Add and vote for another E-commerce Rich Pins plugin here

Need rich pins for recipes?

Put in your vote for a Recipe Rich Pins plugin here

In any case, if you join the list you’ll hear about any Rich Pins WordPress plugin we release.

Why Use Rich Pins?

Recently we’ve read there’s currently about 70 million users on Pinterest. Some claim around 10% make purchases through Pinterest with an average purchase price of $140-$180 per order.

But if you still want to brush up on the usefulness of rich pins, here’s a little bit of reading for you:

Pinterest’s Rich Pins for Business Page

How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know

Here’s Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets, Like, Yesterday

Leveraging Pinterest for SEO and E-commerce

Pinterest Price Drop Alerts Show The Power of Rich Pins

So why not add rich pins to your site, especially if we can help you with the technical side of things with a plugin?

The Rich Pins WordPress Plugin Roadmap

As we stated before, we’ll be releasing the Rich Pins for WooCommerce plugin first.

But we’ll be creating more plugins for other e-commerce platforms and/or recipes.

In what order will they be released? That’s purely up to the feedback we receive.

Click here to be notified when any Rich Pins WordPress plugin is announced

Add and vote for another E-commerce Rich Pins plugin here

Put in your vote for a Recipe Rich Pins plugin here