How to Post on Pinterest – a Step-by-Step Guide

Pinterest is a social media photo sharing website that allows you to share images that excite and inspire you along with your friends, family, and the world. Joining the site and adding your first post is a breeze, and can be done in 15 minutes or less. The following seven steps will walk you through the process of setting up the basics of your account, creating your first board and adding your first post, called a pin. So, let’s discover the main steps on how to post on Pinterest.

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7 Steps on How to Post on Pinterest

Step 1 (Register for a Pinterest Account)

First of all, you will have to navigate to You should see a small window pop up in the center of the screen prompting you to create a new account. If you wish to create a new account from scratch, enter your email address and your chosen password in the fields provided. To quickly register using your Facebook account, click the Facebook button which displays your Facebook profile photo.

Take a moment to read Pinterest’s terms of service and privacy policy via the link near the bottom of the registration section, if you wish, then click “Continue.” Understanding the terms is important before learning how to post on Pinterest. Next, enter your full name, age, and gender, then click on the “Sign Up” button to continue.

Step 2 (Select Topics to Follow)

Pinterest will preload your personal feed with a few topics of interest to you, to help you get started. Select a few topics from the list that appears immediately after registering, such as “Animals,” “Geek Culture,” or “Fitness.” Select at least five topics, then click “Done.”

Step 3 (Optional: Add the Pinterest Browser Button)

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The next page will ask whether you wish to get the Pinterest browser button; a feature which will allow you to quickly save images you see on the web and automatically post them on Pinterest. Click “Get it Now” to add it to your current web browser, or click “Skip” to move on. Also, if you choose to add the button, a new tab will open to provide instructions on using this feature.

Step 4 (Create Your First Board)

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From your feed page, which opens by default, click on your profile image near the top-right of the page. If you’re logging into Pinterest for the first time, this should be a simple gray image of an anonymous person. This will open your profile, where you can create your first board and your first pin.

In your profile, click the button labeled “Create Board” to create your first board. This will be your first collection of pinned images, and you can save your first post to this board in Step 6. Give the board a name in the “Name” field, such as “Learning How to Post on Pinterest,” then select whether it will be public or secret via the toggle switch directly below. Finally, click “Create” to create the board.

Step 5 (Edit and Invite People to Join Your Board)

Click the pencil icon beside the name of your first board to edit its details. Here you can change the board’s name, add a detailed description, choose a category, or add collaborators (others who can add to your board).

Click the “+” button beneath the name of the board you created in the previous step. In the window that appears, add the names or email addresses of a few people to invite to view your first board, if you wish. Moreover, you can invite people from your friends’ lists on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Yahoo via the links directly below. Click “Done” when you’re ready to move on to adding your first pin.

Step 5 (Option 1: Add Your First Pin Via a Web Address)

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Now we come to the meat of learning how to post on Pinterest. Return to your profile page by clicking your profile image once more, as you did in Step 4. Directly above your list of boards, click the “Pins” button to switch to viewing your list of pins, which will be empty if you’re just starting out. Click the “Save Pin” button, then select whether you wish to add a pin from the web or your computer’s storage.

If you choose to add a pin from the web, you will be prompted to enter an URL (web address) pointing to the location of the image you would like to upload. To find this URL, locate and view the picture in your web browser.

If you have found an image on a web page, you can right-click it, then click “open in new tab” to isolate the address of the image itself. Then, simply copy the address displayed in your browser’s address bar in the new tab, and paste it into the field on the Pinterest website.

Step 6 (Option 2: Add Your First Pin from Your Computer)

The second option to learn how to post on Pinterest is to post directly from your computer. To do this, click the “Your Device” button. In the new window that appears, click “Choose Image” to open your computer’s File Explorer, then locate and select the image from your computer.

Step 7 (Add Your Pin to a Board)

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Whether you chose to add a pin from the web or your computer, the next window will allow you to save your new pin to the board you created in Step 4. Just click the name of the board, and Pinterest will add it for you. You can now view your board and your first pin, and anyone you’ve invited to view your board can see it as well!

Now that you’ve registered your account, created a board, and learned how to post on Pinterest, you’re on your way to becoming a veteran Pinterest master. Continue to build new boards or add to existing ones, follow people with similar interests, and share your unique style with the world!

Finally, you can also find more tutorials on publishing eye-catching pins. Moreover, you can discover inspiring pins to build your followers database and inspire others to do the same by teaching them how to post on Pinterest too.

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