How to Use the True Social Metrics Tool to Increase Pinterest Engagement

While Pinterest is a great social media channel for many businesses, it can be difficult trying to get the attention of your audience with the vast number of pins on the website. That’s why it’s essential that you focus on increasing the engagement metrics for your pins. The True Social Metrics is an incredibly helpful tool for making sense of your Pinterest activity. It goes beyond other tools by giving you the metrics that matter to your Pinterest marketing goals. Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of the True Social Metrics tool.

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Setting Up Your Account

Once you create your account and log in, you’ll start by simply going into the dashboard and connecting your account. On the metrics tab, you’ll be given a wide variety of social media accounts to connect on to the platform. For the purpose of this tutorial, you want to connect your Pinterest account. You’ll have to find the ID for your account and simply follow the directions to sync it up with the True Social Metrics platform.

Analyzing Your Performance

The next step is to take a look at the Diagnostics tab of the platform. Here, you will get a performance overview of all your Pinterest posts by click on the Pinterest tab. You’ll be presented with a visual guide to compare performance. The circles and color codes will represent the performance of your posts. The guide on the right will help you make sense of the graph. Keep in mind that the size of the circles is relative to the performance of all your posts and not dependant on a specific value.

To get the most value out of the Diagnostics data in True Social Metrics platform, you want to go through the various performance tabs – Replies, Reshares, and Favorites. This helps you get an overview of which posts performance best based on the metric that you are looking for. As you scroll down, you’ll also get a list of all your Pinterest pins and get a statistical overview of the various metrics so that you can identify how each pin performed.

Maximizing the Features of True Social Metrics

One of the most important features of the platform is the audiences tool. As you know, Pinterest is used all over the world. To maximize your results, you need to make sure that your pins are crafted for the right audience. The audience tool allows you to see the gender and location of your audience. So if you find out that a large number of your Pinterest followers are from the UK, it would make sense to change the timing of your posts to reflect this data.

The audience tool also identifies the various activities of individuals that are following you or engaging with your content. It lists sharers, likers, repliers, and followers that are engaged. This allows you to reach out to users that support you so that you can incentivize them or thank them for supporting you. It is also a useful tool for finding influencers. Finding an influencer in your audience and striking up a deal with them can really help your Pinterest channel grow.

As touched on earlier, it’s important to get your timing of your posts right for the most engagement. The True Social Metrics tool has a tab called Time to Post which recommends the best times to post broken down by the day. This data is based on all the times you have posted, so you’ll need to experiment a bit with your posting schedules to give this tool a good sample size to work with.

Using True Social Metrics to Grow

So how do you go about using the platform to grow your Pinterest account and increase your audience engagement? Start by looking at all of your posts to see which ones performed the best in terms of the engagement metrics you’re focusing on. This will give you an idea about the type of content that your audience really responds to so that you can post content that is similar or relates to the content that did the best.

Next, use the trend tool to analyze the engagement metrics by various time periods. This will give you an idea of what events, activities, and actions are leading to lower or higher engagement. You should also look at your follower growth numbers to compare it with your content strategy. This will indicate if the content that you are publishing is resonating with your target audience or turning them off.

See How Your Competition Performs and Model Their Successes

One of the unique features of the True Social Metrics Tool is the ability to analyze your competitors. Simply identify who your competitors are and enter them into the platform. You’ll be able to see the engagement metrics of their channels and see how it compares to your own. What’s really helpful is the fact that you can compare multiple competitors and choose the ones that have the best performance.

The best part of the competitive analysis feature is the fact that you can analyze all your competitors’ posts. You’ll get a list of all the best and worst posts so that you can model winning posts for your account and avoid the posts that don’t work. You can browse the posts by specific engagement metrics including likes, shares, comments so that you can go after the engagement metrics that align with your goals.

Winning on Pinterest Is All About Data

To sum up, the True Social Metrics tool gives you the information you need to make improvements to your pins and optimize your posting. If you think about it, making Pinterest work for your business is all about using the data to make the right decisions. The True Social Metrics gives you this valuable data as well as a host of other features that will give you an advantage over your competitors.