What Are the Latest Pinterest Update Changes Made in 2017?

There have been numerous changes made to Pinterest in 2017. Most of the latest Pinterest update changes have been made in the last few months, so businesses are still trying to figure out how these changes will impact them. The one thing that’s clear is the fact that Pinterest is focusing on making sure that their users have a better experience with their site.

This, of course, is connected to businesses as a big part of that better experience will need to be provided by the company. Businesses that rely on Pinterest for their revenue really need to keep up with what’s going on and experiment to figure out how to adapt to these changes. To help you get up to speed, here are the latest Pinterest update changes that you need to look into.

1. The Pinterest Lens

an example of Pinterest lens as seen on a smartphone

The latest Pinterest update featured the Pinterest Lens feature that aims to help you discover content by simply pointing your phone camera at it and tapping on your screen. After you’ve taken a snapshot of the photo that interests you, Pinterest will return related styles, ideas, and topics.

This seems to work best for fashion, home decor and food which should be very helpful since many businesses that are on Pinterest are in these industries. The Lens feature is still in the beta mode, so there’s no clear word on how the algorithm works and will work as it is fleshed out.

2. Instant Ideas

Pinterest instant ideas circle button feature

Similar to how the Lens feature works, you can find related content based on the content you’re already browsing on Pinterest. On each pin, there is a circle on the bottom right corner. When you tap the circle, the feed will pull up new results related to that pin.

Pinterest is planning to use both the Lens and Instant Ideas to offer more options to advertisers while helping users hone in on what they’re looking for. The plan is to have advertisers use photos to help target users instead of just keywords.

3. Shop the Look

Pinterest Shop the Look feature

Shop the Look was another feature that was part of the latest Pinterest update. The feature was made specifically for the home decor and fashion industries. With this feature, advertisers will be able to create blue circles in their pins and have them link to product pages.

The idea is to help advertisers get more value out of their pins with impulse purchases. Pinterest will also be collecting the best content from these industries and featuring them on their site. They’ll most likely start working with the big brands they already have partnerships with but may entertain featuring smaller businesses later.

4. Smart Feed Algorithm Update

Pinterest Smart Feed Algorithm feature

On top of the latest Pinterest update that added the new visual discovery tools, businesses had to deal with an algorithm change. Smart Feed is the name of Pinterest’s algorithm, and it determines what shows up in a user’s home feed. It is similar to how search engine optimization works. Also, it seems that Pinterest will be focusing on quality to help make these decisions.

Pinterest will base it off the quality of your pin, quality of the account, relevance and the domain the pin links to. That means that marketers will need to focus on creating great content for their pins. Also, they need to make sure their domain adds value to Pinterest users.

5. Retiring the Like Button

Pinterest account example with save button

The entire community of users was in shock when Pinterest announced that they would be removing the like button from the site. They areĀ focusing on their save button. Therefore, you can still keep note of the pins that you’ve found useful, interesting or valuable.

The save button will allow users to organize their pins into different boards. It will also help guide Pinterest in showing users more of the content they’re interested in. How this will affect their algorithm is still a mystery. Still, many think that it will have a significant enough of an impact on what shows up on users’ home feeds.

6. Additional Security Features

the Twilio Authy security app

One of the worst things that can happen to your business is getting your Pinterest account hacked. To prevent this from happening, new security features were added to the latest Pinterest update. First, they will add two-factor authentication and require that you enter a verification code when you log in. This code is sent via text message or through the Twilio Authy app.

Second, the company has added a feature to help you review your devices. If you find a device you’re not familiar with, you can quickly remove that user from having access. You also get email alerts if unfamiliar devices and locations are being associated with your account.

7. More Food Related Features

new Pinterest food features

A large number of Pinterest users love using the app to find everyday recipes. There were some additional food features added in the latest Pinterest update that can help users find the perfect recipe. Users can now filter recipes by the time required to cook the dish, the type of diet and the ingredients they want to work with.

In addition, they’ll be integrating recipe ratings from some of the biggest cooking sites on the web like Food Network and Epicurious. This can lead to great opportunities for restaurants, online grocers, and food specialty eCommerce stores. It’s a relatively new feature. Therefore, food related businesses will need to see how it plays out to see if these features can be monetized.

Summing It Up

Those are some of the latest Pinterest update changes made in 2017. As you can see, the changes will have a big impact on both users and businesses using Pinterest. Users will have many more options to find the content they’re looking for.

Specific industries will have more opportunities to target their audience and monetize their content. However, it will be harder for businesses to profit from Pinterest. This happens because the company now wants to see quality content coming from their publishers.

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