Pin Count Tool Launched

Need to quickly get a pin count for a few websites or posts?

Check out the new Pin Count Tool

It’s not a WordPress plugin, but one is in the works that gives you a pin count per post among other things.

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Note that Pinterest currently counts each variation of a URL separately, so the 4 most common are simply added up to give you the total.

For example, if you enter in, you’ll see this URL breakdown at the bottom.

  1. I noticed that the Pin Count Tool is reporting “-” for any URLs I query. Is it broken?

    Also, we are looking for a reliable way to get a daily pin count of approx. 50,000 URLs on our site and would be willing to pay for such a service if it is reliable. Is this something you can provide? If not, can you direct me to a service or API that provides this capability?


  2. Bob, the short answer is as of 5/28/2012 (Memorial day), the pin count is broken for everyone (my tool, my plugin, even Pinterest’s own button embed code).

    Unfortunately around the web anyone with a pin it button showing counts whether they’re using my plugin or not is having the same issue, so the source is Pinterest themselves. Even large sites like yours,, and others like have a dash in the pin count bubble even though you’re not using my plugin (and it looks like has since disabled the pin count).

    Hopefully it’s back soon. Fortunately this is the first time it’s happened since I’ve been developing the plugin (started in January).

    I posted more on this here:

    I also emailed out an update to my mailing list when I found out the details:

    As for the daily pin count service, my new plugin Top Pinned Posts should do the trick for self-hosted WordPress sites, but it looks like yours isn’t, so I’ll shoot you an email to see what can be done.

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