Top 8 Pinterest Hairstyles Ideas & Tips

Have you created a new Pinterest board to collect pics of the new hairstyles you’re considering? Sweet! Here’s a list of the top 8 Pinterest hairstyles of the season. They’re fun, flattering looks which range from classic to hip, and are really simple to pull off.

stylish blonde hairstyles

8 Inspiring Pinterest Hairstyles Ideas to Consider

1. Sweet French-Braided Bun

messy french braided bun

This style is basically a messy bun with an accent braid that can be small and dainty or chunky. One of the most popular Pinterest hairstyles, it’s almost mistake proof, and it only takes a few minutes to create. Start a French braid near the front of your head, and then work around to where you’d normally place a ponytail.

The braid can be centered, or started near a side part. Then, gather together the remaining loose strands of hair and twist them into a messy bun. If your bun is small, you can give it extra fullness, with a cute messy hair bun extension, such as the ones made by OneDor.

2. Back-to-Business Bob

a young attractive brunette woman with a bob haircut

The bob is a very simple classic hairstyle will never go out of fashion. It always looks professional, stylish and very chic. And, for those of you who visit the hairstylist every six weeks, it’s almost maintenance-free. Compared with other Pinterest hairstyles, it is a little shorter-—between chin and shoulder length-—but looks great with straight, curly or wavy hair. There are endless ways to style it with accessories and clips.

3. Heavenly Headband

blonde woman wearing braided hairstyles

This romantic hairstyle keeps your hair off your face and is a more elegant alternative to a plastic headband. It’s an easy style to create and looks great with medium to long hair of all textures. Start with a side-parted braid that crosses over your crown. Continue the braid along the side of your head, and secure it near the back of your head with a flat clip. Cover the clip with the remaining hair. Try this pretty braided hairstyle on the weekend, or for a special occasion.

4. What’s All the Buzz About?

two undercut haircuts with haircut patterns

If you want to rock these trendy trendy Pinterest hairstyles, ask your stylist to clip the hair extremely short at the nape of the neck while leaving the top and sides long. Some design options, for the buzzed area, include spirals, florals or geometric patterns. When you want to let your funky side show, pin it up and show off the cool design. Plus, if you work in a conservative office, the clipped area can be easily covered. It’ll be your secret!

5. Bring on the Bangs

an asian woman with a bob and bangs haircut

Blunt-cut bangs evoke the look of the groovy, fashion-forward girls of the 1960s. This style looks best with thick, straight hair, but can also look pretty with curly or wavy hair; the result is just a bit softer. Bangs focus the attention on your eyes, softening your features, and, some say, making you more youthful-looking. Since they’re not commonplace, bangs suggest an independent, self-confident personality. So, if you’re looking for Pinterest hairstyles that stand out from the crowd, go for it!

6. The Faux-Bow

a young girl with a faux bow hairstyle

Some Pinterest hairstyles are too cute to pass up. This is a ribbon-like bow, styled from the ends of a half-pony tail. Simply pull a large loop of hair back through your ponytail’s elastic, then separate it into two halves, which form the two sides of the bow. Leave a tail long enough to wrap up and over the center, covering the elastic.

Tuck the tail behind the elastic, so it forms the center of the bow. Lastly, secure the tail against your head with a hairpin, and you’re done! This faux-bow is a playful, witty and an easy way to “accessorize” your do. Add waves or curls to the rest of your hair for a very feminine touch.

7. Puff Ponytail

a braided ponytail hairstyle

Here’s a style that puts a vintage twist on the basic ponytail. Tease the hair on the crown of your head, and then gather it into a ponytail. The front half is draped smoothly along the sides of your head. It should just cover the top of your ears, before being swept up into the ponytail. This style is an elegant way to quickly refresh your look without using tons of product or spending an hour in front of the mirror.

8. Clever Colors

a young woman with purple hair

Craving a unique look? Choose three or four shades of your favorite color to add high- and low-lights to your whole head, including the layers of hair underneath. If you’re brave enough, the results will be stunning. Experiment with vibrant hues of purple and blue.

Or, if you’re feeling timid, start with more natural colors. Remember, if you’re over 18, try to stop short of the “unicorn” look. In fact, test colors on small swatches of hair, and bring sample photos to the salon with you. The downside—you’ll have to maintain the roots. The upside—your friends, will have such hair envy!

Bonus: Simple Hair Care Tip

Dry, brittle hair seems to plague some people no matter what the season or climate is like. If your hair tends to dry out easily, don’t shampoo it every day. Work in a light conditioner instead. Then, massage your scalp vigorously before rinsing with warm water. Don’t worry! It won’t look greasy, and you’ll probably need to use fewer products to control flyaways.

Let’s Recap

These cute Pinterest hairstyles are just a sampling of what’s out there, so have fun exploring and experimenting. Your hair is typically on display no matter what the season or temperature, and it’s often a subtle clue as to how you’re feeling. If your hair’s looking drab, now is the perfect time to try a new color or update your style. At the very least, pull out that box of clips and barrettes, and try some of these styles. You’re bound to be inspired!

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