Pinterest Humor – 10 Funny Memes, Pictures, and Quotes

Pinterest is a hugely popular website used for sharing all types of images with people of similar interest. Some may see Pinterest as a place for sharing recipes and crafting ideas, but there is a ton of Pinterest humor to brighten your day, as well.

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The hilarious memes, photos, and quotes listed below are ordered according to the number of comments left on each pin, from most to least. You can add your voice to the discussion of these side splitters on Pinterest too! Without further ado, here are the top 10 items of Pinterest humor for your enjoyment.

The Funniest 10 Memes, Pictures, and Quotes on Pinterest

#1 – Monday Is Coming!

This hilarious meme comes from 8 Bit Nerds and has well over 100 comments so far. It’s one of the most popular memes on Pinterest today, and for a good reason. We’ve all felt this way on a Sunday evening. We look at the clock and groan as the seconds tick by.

We rationalize with ourselves to go to bed just one hour later. Well, maybe two hours. This meme perfectly describes how we feel when we stare Monday right in the face. This is Pinterest humor at its finest and has the most comments of any on this list.

#2 – We’ve All Wanted to Say It

Do you remember your teachers asking this question in school? If you responded this way, you knew you were the smartest kid in class! Memes like this help us to express what we’re really feeling deep inside. Especially when someone asks us a silly question that deserves a silly answer. Thanks to user theBERRY for saying what we’ve all been thinking all these years.

#3 – Does Anyone Know How to Fly a Plane?

This is the last thing you want to see at 11,000 feet. Sometimes it’s just not your day, but hey, the pilot is having a blast. This funny picture must have been hard to take. Although a good laugh is worth the effort, right? The Funny Beaver contributed this example of raw Pinterest humor, and the same user shows up multiple times on this list.

#4 – I Have an Excuse!

Do you have a problem with interrupting people mid-sentence? Not anymore! Use this funny quote to show that you’re not really interrupting them at all. You’re just a product of your own genius and excitement. Share this one around the office to give everyone a good belly laugh. The Funny Beaver is responsible for this pin, too.

#5 – Wait for It… Wait for It…

the words wait for it written in orange

This one takes a minute, but the payoff is worth it. The horse wants you to know exactly what you’re looking at. If you don’t see it at first, keep looking. This Pinterest humor classic works like a Magic Eye puzzle of the past (for those old enough to remember).

It can make a great share at work or on your social media profiles. Also, it comes from the user Quotes Words Sayings, who has some other hilarious pins to check out, as well.

#6 – Well, They Asked for It

Target stores have been asking for this stunt for years. Someone finally tried to give them what they wanted. The result was a hilarious fail for your enjoyment. You have to ask yourself, though, how did he get there in the first place? There was surely a funny moment right before this one! The pinner‘s username is Suburban Men. Sounds fitting, right?

#7 – Now This Is Just Weird!

There’s not much that can be said about this funny meme from This has to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. Just be thankful this organic chef thought to capture it on camera and share this funny meme with the Pinterest world. You have to wonder how good that carrot really is!

#8 – For All You Marvel Fans

Is there more to Guardians of the Galaxy than just a comic and movie franchise? Could those Samsung store techies be the true heroes in disguise? The next time you see a Samsung specialist, you might want to ask him if he’s really a Guardian at night and phone expert by day. This thought provoking meme comes from

#9 – Here’s the Excuse We All Need

a smiley face laughing

Don’t feel bad about stress eating ever again! Logic trumps guilt every time. Thank you to the pinner of this deep, meaningful, and hilarious quote. The next time you feel stressed out, just remember to turn that frown upside down and turn the word backward.

Then you can indulge in some guilt-free dessert while remembering this funny quote. The pin comes from The Funny Beaver, who is also the genius behind the next quote.

#10 – Doing It Right

When people want you to think you’re doing it wrong, just remember that they don’t know squat (pun intended). This funny quote comes from The Funny Beaver, who really knows how to use a treadmill. Those holes aren’t for water. Who drinks water, anyway?

They’re clearly for your favorite crunchy snack. If you’re not adding calories just as fast as you burn them, then you’re not working hard enough! Share this one with your gym buddies who love to show off that hard-earned six-pack.

Let’s Recap

The pins above showcase some of the funniest Pinterest humor online today, but more memes, funny pictures, and hilarious quotes are added all the time. Take a break from work sometimes and see what else people post and add your own hilarious pins to put a smile on someone else’s face today.

Signing up for Pinterest is easy, and you can be exploring Pinterest humor and adding your own comments within minutes. Who knows, you might even become the next meme star!

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