The Most Popular Pinterest Food Accounts To Follow

Pinterest has become the hub of ideas on the internet from animals to Zumba, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find many accounts devoted entirely to food. In fact, Pinterest food accounts are some of the most followed, loved for their unique ideas and recipes. With so many to choose from, let us help you narrow it down with the top ten Pinterest food accounts that you should follow!

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Top Best Pinterest Food Accounts for Your Inspiration

1. Amanda Livesay Fake Ginger Pinterest Food Blog

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Topping our list with 4,522,567 followers is food blogger Amanda Livesay, better known as “Fake Ginger.” Known for her sarcasm and wit, Amanda is a mother of three and an avid dog lover. She started her Pinterest food blog over eight years ago, and her following has grown steadily since then.

With over 100 boards and nearly 50,000 pins, she has ideas for everything from Thanksgiving dinner and summer treats to homemade dog biscuits and crockpot meals. Whatever kind of recipe you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a few new ideas here. You can check out all of her original recipes on her website Fake Ginger.

2. Tammy Shames & Lyssie Lakatos Nutrition Twins Pinterest Food Blog

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Coming in second with 3,677,053 followers are these twin dieticians and personal trainers Tammy Shames and Lyssie Lakatos. The sisters have been working with people all over the US in the fitness industry, for over 15 years. They have been featured as Nutritional Experts on several TV programs such as The Doctors, Good Morning America and Fox & Friends.

With nearly 50 boards you can find plenty of recipes to keep you healthy and energized. The duo has three books available for purchase on Amazon, and their personal website is called Nutrition Twins.

3. Food Network Pinterest Food Blog

a table full of food, nachos, french fries and others

Next up with 855,217 followers is the Food Network. Around since 1993, the TV channel has made its debut on Pinterest with a roaring success. With over 100 boards and 13,00 pins, you can find recipes inspired by Food Network stars, shows, and viewers. You can find all of their content on their own website.

4. Joanna Cismaru Jo Cooks Pinterest Food Blog

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Boasting an impressive 485,020 followers, food blogger Joanna Cismaru promises big flavors with every recipe. Hailing from Calgary, AB, she focuses on easy to make recipes with ingredients that are easy to find in your own pantry. She’s written “30 Minute One-Pot Meals” with over 100 recipes for every meal with busy moms in mind. You can find all of her recipes on her website, which has the name of Jo Cooks.

5. Jaclyn Cooking Classy Pinterest Food Blog

a large bowl full of macarons

Jaclyn has earned her 532,891 followers by having easy to follow recipes with a sweet side. A self-professed “Sugar Addict,” her recipes range from savory family meals to desserts that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. Her eye for plating and arrangments make each of her recipes look good enough to eat right off of your screen. With over 100 boards. You will definitely find a recipe for anything you might need. Her website Cooking Classy will keep you coming back again and again.

6. Averie Sunshine Averie Cooks Pinterest Food Blog

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Averie Sunshine, a Southern California native has 481,152 followers on Pinterest, and for a good reason. One can easily replicate her fast and easy recipes, with little fuss. Over 100 boards full of easy dinners and scrumptious sweets ensure that you’ll find a recipe for every one of your tastebuds. You can find her book on Amazon and all of her personal recipes at Averie Cooks.

7. Lori Lange Recipe Girl Pinterest Food Blog

chocolate chip cookies and coffee

Having 452,585 followers represents an achievement to be proud of, and its only one of many for Nevada native, Lori Lange. This former school teacher has her recipes published in 18 major magazines and newspapers, and she creates recipes for 20 big name brands such as Kraft and Betty Crocker. She has over 120 boards to find recipes for every meal from breakfast to a midnight snack.

Her book “The Recipe Girl Cookbook” can be found on Amazon. You can find all of her recipes and much more on her website, Recipe Girl.

8. Chungah Rhee Damn Delicious Pinterest Food Blog

a table full of tasty dishes

Chungah Rhee of Damn Delicious has earned herself a cool 392,897 followers by staying true to her tagline, “Simple Ingredients, Elegant Dishes.” With nearly 90 boards to choose from her, along with her corgi Butters, have scoured the internet to find quick and easy recipes that look like they took hours to make. You can find her book on Amazo and all of her recipes at Damn Delicious.

9. Naomi Bakers Royale Pinterest Food Blog

a fancy dessert and some strawberries

234,708 followers have turned to Bakers Royale for ideas, and Naomi has yet to fail them. Created in 2010 alongside her husband’s food blog, Naomi began to bake both sweet and savory goods with ” a whisk in one hand and a camera in the other.” With 90 boards, this Pinterest food account provides something to satisfy every craving. You can find all of her recipes on her website,  Bakers Royale.

10. Oh My Veggies Pinterest Food Blog

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With 178,614 followers, Oh My Veggies doesn’t need meat to make a delicious meal. Based out of Chicago, this collaborative effort offers vegetarian and vegan recipes to cater to every lifestyle.With over 70 boards, Oh My Veggies delivers classics with a meatless twist alongside all new recipes. You can find their eBook on their website, along with meal plans, ingredient reviews, and recipes Oh My Veggies.

Bottom Line

With so many wonderful Pinterest food blogs to follow, you’re sure to find a recipe for every meal, event, and craving you could ever have. With all of these recipes at your fingertips, you don’t need to hesitate to take these great ideas right off of your screen and onto your table.

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