How to Choose the Best Pinterest Backgrounds to Attract More Followers?

Jumping on is a great way to get your products and services noticed. You put up a pin, people click on it and are taken to your website. And, having one of the most inspiring Pinterest backgrounds might help a lot.

a feather and a ring

The ten million dollar question is, “How do I get Pinterest users to click on my pin rather than someone else’s?” This is an important question if you are trying to drive traffic to your website to show yourself as an expert in a particular topic or if you’re trying to sell something to the public.

The answer is to create a pin, which is a graphic link to your web page, that is better than the ones around it. This may be easier said than done – but certainly not impossible.

The Secret to a Great Pin Starts Even Before Choosing the Pinterest Background Image

Pins are built from the ground up. In reality, they start even before you choose a background. When you wrote your post, you had a reader in mind? Was it a man or a woman? How old did you envision your reader to be?

Imagine that your post is about the latest book on developing a power swing for your golf game. You pictured a man benefiting from this book. In this case, you wouldn’t choose pink for your pin’s background because it’s too feminine. Instead, you’d choose a color that would convey that this post is for a man.

Or imagine that you’ve written a post about the safest toys for toddlers. Obviously, you want to reach out to young mothers. You won’t choose a background with dark browns and blacks.

What Feeling Are You Trying to Create with Your Pinterest Pin?

a foggy forest image with pine trees

Jerry Cao on, about art and design inspiration, examines 12 popular colors and the emotions they evoke.

For example, Jerry describes yellow as happy and friendly. This is not what you expect the masculine golfer to be feeling when he’s desperate to improve his golf game. On the other hand, black is described as powerful, sophisticated and cutting edge. Now, this is what your golfer is looking for! Therefore, having some black in your Pinterest pin’s background may convey the emotion of that power-swing your target audience is looking for.

So what would suit the young mother who is looking to find safe toys for her toddler? You might think that red is a good color for a post about toys, but Cao says that this color conjures up feelings of aggression, passion, and importance. This is not what safe toys are about.

On the other hand, white represents clean, healthy and virtuous. Obviously white would be a better choice for a Pinterest background for the mother who is searching for toys that are clean and safe.

Once You Know Your Best Pinterest Background Color, What Next?

a painting color palette

Now that you know the color of the Pinterest background color you want, you need an image or two to go over that background. Or you may decide to find a copyright-free image that has that color in the background already. One of Pinterest users favorite places to go for copyright-free images is Pixabay has over 800,000 images to inspire you.

Once on Pixabay, you are presented with the search box. Type in your keyword, such as golf. Choose an image that has the color you previously decided on. In the case of the golfer blog post, black conveyed power. Pixabay has an image that is a silhouette of a golfer in full swing at sundown. Perfect! This will certainly catch the eye of a man who wants to improve his golf swing.

If you find an image that will work as your pin’s background, download it. Be sure to choose the size that is at least 735 wide and 1100 high, because this is the ideal size of a Pinterest pin. If you choose a smaller size, the quality of the image will be compromised when you try to enlarge it to fit the size of a pin. However, reducing the size or cropping the image will not be a problem in keeping the image sharp.

What If You Don’t Find an Inspiring Pinterest Background Image on Pixabay?

There are many other places to find copyright-free images that you can use to make your Pinterest backgrounds. To locate them, log into your Pinterest account. Enter these words into the search box: copyright free images. You will be presented with loads of pins that lead you to sites with free images you can use for Pinterest backgrounds.

Using the Image You Found to Make Pinterest Backgrounds

sweet retro floral wallpaper

If you found an image that will help attract your target reader, you can adjust it or crop it to the proper size in program.

  • Log into or sign up with – signup is free.
  • Click on Create a Design.
  • Choose the Pinterest Graphic option and see a workspace appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the Uploads arrow.
  • Click on Load Your Own Images button.
  • Browse for your image and click on it.
  • Wait until Canva uploads your image completely.
  • Drag your image into the workspace.
  • If the image is a little too small, drag the corners out until the workspace is filled.
  • If the image is too large, drag the corners in or just put the area you want over the workspace.

Now you have an image that is the perfect size for a Pinterest pin, 735 x 1100 pixels. Save your background into your Canva account by clicking on File, then Save.

What If You Didn’t Find an Image that Will Work for Your Pinterest Backgrounds?

Sometimes you can’t find or don’t want an image as a background. There are times when a solid or textured background will suit your needs better.

In this case, Canva can help you again:

  • In Canva, click on Create a Design.
  • Choose the Pinterest Graphic option.
  • Type “Backgrounds” into the Canva search box.
  • See the Default Palette appear and several textures below.
  • Click on any of them to see how they will appear as a background.

Below the free backgrounds are the paid ones. They are only $1, so you might find one that is perfect for your needs. Scroll down further and more free and paid options will appear.

If you find a background that you like in the color you’re aiming for, drag it over to the Pinterest workspace. It will automatically fill the space to the perfect proportions for your Pinterest backgrounds.

Canva also has images that you can use as backgrounds. Type “golf” into the search box and see the results. A few are free but most cost $1. Drag any one you like into the Pinterest workspace. If you choose a paid image, you’ll see a crisscross watermark on the image that will be removed after you pay.

Putting It All Together

So as you can see, there are many ways to find and create the perfect Pinterest backgrounds for your posts. Start by thinking about your post. What message do you want to send to your target audience? What background color will convey the message you want to send?

If you want the background to be an image, go to and find an image that matches your post in the color scheme that fits your needs. Then upload that image into and place some eye-catching wording on top.

If you want a solid or textured background, you can place smaller images and words on top using Take the time to make your Pinterest background the best it can be since it’s the foundation of your pin. Top it with something eye-popping and pin away!

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