Top 4 Amazing Pinterest Wedding Ideas to Try

Pinterest is a gold mine of great design tips, ideas for creativity and clever DIY projects. All of this valuable information makes Pinterest the go-to website for wedding planning ideas. From color schemes and wedding themes to hacks and budget tips and everything in between, you can find any link you need to plan your Pinterest wedding of a lifetime. The following ideas were all found on Pinterest and are ranked in the order of popularity. Whether you are a future bride, an eager maid of honor or a wedding planner, Pinterest has what you need.

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Top 4 Amazing Pinterest Wedding Ideas to Try

1. Unusual Photo Opportunities

wedding shoes and roses bouquet

Of course, your wedding day will be one to remember. Make those memories unique and something you will cherish forever. While your professional photographer will have a set list of the must-have traditional wedding photos to take, bring your own ideas to the table. Think of ideas that show the bride and groom’s personality. For example, Pinterest has an amazing photo gallery of superhero inspired poses.

Take a bridal party photo to the next level with the groomsmen donning superhero emblems of their choice. Have them reveal the logos from under their button-down shirts by undoing the top two button and pulling their shirt open a la Superman style. You can also get your bridesmaids in on the fun by having them pose with the superheroes.

If superheroes aren’t your thing, find another common interest. Pinterest also has an example of a fast food fanatic groom from China. The groom and his buddies created costumes of popular McDonald’s menu items and surprised the future health conscious bride. The photos of her reaction were priceless and something the couple can laugh about for years to come.

Above all, make your photos special. Your wedding photos will be mementos you will cherish forever. Who knows, your creative ideas could end up being featured on Pinterest wedding accounts!

2. Unusual Wedding Cakes

an unusual wedding cake with sea elements on it

When it comes cooking and baking, Pinterest has you covered when you are looking for an unconventional recipe. Take, for instance, the example of a black and neon colored wedding cake. Who says that your wedding cake has to be a tradition tiered white with fondant flowers? Who says it even needs to be a cake.

One couple decided to serve up a donut tower as their wedding cake centerpiece. Another used Rice Krispies to create a one of a kind cake. Just like every other detail of your wedding, your cake should show off your personality. Pinterest wedding ideas offer hundreds of creative cake ideas from brides that have taken the plunge on an outrageous cake design idea.

Of course, the groom’s cake hasn’t been afraid to make a statement at most weddings. Usually, it is an outrageous representation of the groom’s love of a certain hobby or sport’s team. However, with the help of Pinterest, you can take your groom’s cake to the next level. From cake balls to buckets of money, think outside the box when it comes to designing this fun cake. Let the groom run wild with ideas. The possibilities are literally endless.

3. Ditch The Flowers With These Revamped Bouquets

blossom roses bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is an important piece of the wedding attire. You want something that will match the wedding’s theme, but not overpower the dress. While bouquets are usually made with flowers, either fresh or silk, many brides are opting for a different type of bouquet. Pinterest shows just how many random items can be used to make one of a kind bridal bouquets.

One bride took a dainty approach to a revamped bouquet by using a bunch of mini pearls. This beautiful arrangement made a statement while not taking the focus off the bride.

Like they say, either go big or go home. Another bride chose to use one single giant paper flower. This is a beautiful and bold choice. However, it is very budget friendly and can be made with inexpensive tissue paper in a variety of colors. Some craft stores may even carry pre-made giant flowers like this.

Do you love books, magazines, sheet music or even paper maps? You can use these meaningful pieces of paper to create a one of a kind bouquet. A great choice is a unique bouquet made of paper maps that show places the couple has traveled. Each piece of paper is rolled and shaped into these flowers.

4. Not Your Mama’s Wedding Dress

a young bride outdoors

Long gone are the days of only wearing a white ball gown as a bride. Even big name bridal designers are catching on the Pinterest weddings trend of different colors, unusual materials, and revealing cuts. Black and red seem to be the latest statement colors in wedding dresses.

Many brides fall in love with these unconventional looks, but steer away from them in fear of coming off as too outrageous. However, many of these brides end up regretting this decision. Don’t have any regrets on your wedding day. Choose the details you like and don’t worry about anyone else’s complaints (besides your future spouse)!

As brides look to make a statement on their wedding day, these dresses definitely do just that. Take everyone’s breath away in an gorgeous unconventional wedding dress and always be remembered as that bride. Your wedding day should be one to remember and with these gowns, all eyes are sure to be on you.

Summing It Up

On your wedding day, every detail should tell something about the bride and the groom. From hobbies to passions, you can find a way to incorporate your favorite things into any detail. Remember this is your day, and you can make it into whatever you want. Your first stop in the wedding planning process should be Pinterest wedding ideas. Pinterest will help you find what you need and how to bring it into your dream wedding. With thousands of amazing wedding ideas waiting at your fingertips, the only issue you will have is which ideas to leave off.

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