Find All Pins of Your Website’s Images

Want to find all the pins of your website’s images on Pinterest?

Currently in the search bar on Pinterest, typing in a domain name doesn’t bring up the desired results. At least not for me.

Today I discovered the “/source/” addition to Pinterest URLs. All you do is tack on your domain name after The results appear to be all pins linked somewhere within that website.

Let’s take my wife’s photography blog as an example. Remove the “http://” and “www.” and the Pinterest URL for all pins linked to her site is:

If you’re interested in finding all pins and boards¬†within Pinterest that link to images on your site, do a search on Google with the “” syntax plus your domain name (again omit the “http” and “www”). Example:

It’s not as visual as Pinterest of course, but it’s a quicker way to get right to the boards containing pins to your site.