How Can Pinterest Help You with Your Visual Content Marketing Strategy?

Whether it’s videos, infographics, image driven content or simple photos, visual content marketing is growing at a rapid pace. It’s no wonder why. People only remember 10% of the information they hear. But when you add a picture that number increases to 65%. If you’ve used visual content marketing sparingly or have yet to use in your campaigns, then that statistic should make you want to take it seriously.

One great platform that can help you succeed with your visual content marketing strategy is Pinterest. The visual based social media site can be an incredible asset for your visual content marketing for several reasons.

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1: Pinterest Offers Rich Pins

Pinterest has a feature called Rich Pins that businesses can use to enhance their posts. You can make Pins for your articles, apps, recipes, and products stand out. The Article Pin, in particular, is a great tool for helping your visual content stand out and generate more traffic to your site. The article Rich Pin also makes it look like a handy post it note in a sense and users really tend to like saving these kinds of Pins for future reference.

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2: Pinterest Integrates with Other Social Media Sites

You’re probably already using Facebook and Twitter to support your visual content marketing. By integrating Pinterest into the visual content you share on these sites, you’ll be able to get more out of your posts. You’ll build a Pinterest following, get your content shared on Pinterest and create multiple channels to reach your audience on.

Aside from these two integrations, there are many third party tools that help you integrate Pinterest into other social media sites like Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

3: Pinterest Has High User Engagement

One of the things that you’ll notice when you start using Pinterest is that the users voraciously consume the content shared on the site. There is a very high level of engagement for the site due to its visual nature. As a result, you have a very high chance of your content going viral if you consistently put out quality content. With that said, you still need to optimize your posts properly and use the analytics tools to see what your audience is responding to.

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4: Pinterest Users Have High Purchase Intent

At the end of the day, visual content marketing comes down to generating sales. Pinterest is a great platform for monetizing your content because many of the users are always on the look for great products to buy. There are many consumers that use the site, and Pinterest also has many features that make it easy for businesses to sell products on their site like the Buyable Pins feature which allows users to purchase your product without even leaving Pinterest.

5: Pinterest Helps Create a Brand Experience

One of the things that are unique about Pinterest is that it helps users really connect with content publishers. Because the content is visually driven, many brands can create a one of a kind visual based experience. They’re able to communicate with their prospects and customers in a way that’s different from other channels like email and blogs.

Brands are using everything from visual brand storytelling, visual based content (infographics), to branded content. All these help them establish their brand and connect with their audience.

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6: Pinterest Offers Excellent Advertising Options

Like other social media sites, Pinterest offers an advertising platform. Their advertising program is called Promoted Pins. It allows you to target users based on interests, keyword searches, and the audience. Promoted Pins look practically the same as regular Pins except they are marked as sponsored.

Pinterest uses the popular pay per click model for their advertising platform. This creates a low barrier to entry, makes it affordable and easy to scale. Aside from Sponsored Pins, Pinterest plans on offering more advertising options to businesses in the near future.

7: Pinterest Is a Great Way to Generate Quality Leads

Visual content is more eye catching to Internet users. So, it tends to get more clicks than regular text based content. This is why Pinterest is a great site to generate quality leads. You can use draw in qualified leads by creating interesting and helpful Pins. They will make users want to visit your site for more information.

One effective strategy for using visual content Pins to generate leads is to offer upfront advice but hold back the rest of the content on your site. You simply offer the user the rest of the content in return for signing up to your email list.

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8: Pinterest Is the Perfect Testing Ground for Developing Content Strategy

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest offers an analytics tool for business accounts. The analytics tool will give you the data you need to develop a solid visual content strategy for your target audience. You’ll quickly be able to see which topics, headlines, images, graphics, formats, descriptions and other elements lead to the highest engagement numbers.

You can then optimize your content strategy to create content that is more engaging and targeted. This will help you get more out your content marketing efforts while driving your costs down significantly.

Bonus Tip

One final tip to getting the most out of Pinterest is to experiment with their Promoted Pins program. It can be hard to generate traffic and engagement when starting out from scratch. Promoted Pins can help you get more exposure for your Pins even with a small budget.

By spending a little money, you can quickly figure out if your Pin is something you can work with or if your Pin needs to be completely redone. You’ll also be able to develop your content strategy faster and figure out the best way to monetize your content.

Summing It Up

Overall, Pinterest will prove to be an indispensable tool to your visual content marketing strategy. Many businesses use Pinterest to build an audience in the beginning. As they gain some traction, they’re leveraging their audience to share their content and using their successes on the site to expand their visual content marketing to other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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