Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

Update: ZipList is officially shut down as of December 10, 2014. This plugin will no longer function nor receive any new updates.

We recommend Easy Recipe Plus as it includes recipe rich pin features alongside being a great recipe plugin replacement.

Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

After Pinterest recently announced more ways to search for recipes, we asked our plugin customers if this meant they needed recipe rich pins enabled on their site.

When we asked which recipe WordPress plugin folks were already in using, the top answer was ZipList.

We looked at ZipList in-depth, and we discovered that their plugin already provided almost all of the rich pin meta data needed to validate with Pinterest’s rich pin format.

So we went ahead and created a free plugin that simply adds any missing meta tags and provides a link on each post edit screen to quickly validate all fields with Pinterest.

So if you need it, you can go ahead and download the Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList.

Or simply search for “Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList” in your WordPress admin.

Pinterest Widgets WordPress Plugin

Pinterest Board widgetYou’ve already got the “Pin It” button where you need it throughout your site. But what about other Pinterest widgets?

If you need a Follow button, Pin widget, Profile widget and/or Board widget, we just released a free Pinterest Widgets plugin.

For now it simply gives you the options that Pinterest provides in their widget builder, but without you having to insert any HTML or script into your WordPress site.

After activating the plugin on your site, simply go to your Widgets area and drag over any of the 4 Pinterest widgets you need. A little configuration after that and you’re done!

This plugin also supports shortcodes for all 4 widgets if you prefer.

Download the Pinterest Widgets WordPress plugin now

Or search for “pinterest widgets” in your WordPress admin (instructions).

Note if you’re using our old Follow button plugin, it’s no longer being maintained and you’ll want to use the new Follow button widget included in this plugin.

As always, we’d love to know what you think of this plugin. Let us know in the comments.

If you find any bugs with it please submit on the plugin support forum.

Rich Pins for E-Commerce

A couple of months ago Pinterest announced Rich Pins for sites with products, recipes or movies.

Since then we’ve gotten some feedback that many of you could use an easy way to set up rich pins with your products or recipes on your WordPress site.

So we’re happy to announce our first Rich Pins WordPress plugin is getting released soon!

Rich Pins for WooCommerce

Pinterest Product Rich Pins for eCommerceOur first rich pins plugin will be for products (e-commerce), and more specifically the WooCommerce platform. This decision was determined purely by initial demand from our customers.

Update: Product Rich Pins for WooCommerce is now available!

Not to worry. If there is enough feedback, votes and demand, we’ll be making rich pins plugins for other e-commerce platforms and/or recipes.

Need rich pins for a different WordPress e-commerce platform?

Add and vote for another E-commerce Rich Pins plugin here

Need rich pins for recipes?

Put in your vote for a Recipe Rich Pins plugin here

In any case, if you join the list you’ll hear about any Rich Pins WordPress plugin we release.

Why Use Rich Pins?

Recently we’ve read there’s currently about 70 million users on Pinterest. Some claim around 10% make purchases through Pinterest with an average purchase price of $140-$180 per order.

But if you still want to brush up on the usefulness of rich pins, here’s a little bit of reading for you:

Pinterest’s Rich Pins for Business Page

How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know

Here’s Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets, Like, Yesterday

Leveraging Pinterest for SEO and E-commerce

Pinterest Price Drop Alerts Show The Power of Rich Pins

So why not add rich pins to your site, especially if we can help you with the technical side of things with a plugin?

The Rich Pins WordPress Plugin Roadmap

As we stated before, we’ll be releasing the Rich Pins for WooCommerce plugin first.

But we’ll be creating more plugins for other e-commerce platforms and/or recipes.

In what order will they be released? That’s purely up to the feedback we receive.

Click here to be notified when any Rich Pins WordPress plugin is announced

Add and vote for another E-commerce Rich Pins plugin here

Put in your vote for a Recipe Rich Pins plugin here

Pinterest Website Verification Plugin

Want to show pinners your site is trustworthy?

Want to access Pinterest’s powerful analytics and metrics?

Then you need to get your website verified by Pinterest. How is this done?

As explained by Pinterest, you can either upload an HTML file or add a meta tag to your home page manually.

But if you’re running your own WordPress site you can simply use this free Pinterest verification plugin to make it super simple.

This plugin simply adds the meta tag you need without any coding or FTP uploading needed.

Instructions included. That’s it!

Download the Pinterest Verify WordPress plugin now

Or just search for “Pinterest verify” in your WordPress admin (instructions).

Pinterest Introduces Rich Pins

Pinterest product rich pin example

Update 11/21/2013: We now have Rich Pins plugins for Articles and WooCommerce!

Pinterest just announced and enabled “rich pins” (a.k.a. “more useful pins”).

Here’s a good overview of rich pins. In short, pins of products, recipes and movies can now display additional details under a pin if your website provides the data.

For example, a product pin can show the price, whether or not it’s in stock, and where it can be purchased.

Check out some examples of rich pins

So the question is, as a WordPress site owner, do you need a plugin for this? How important is this new feature?

Update 7/23/2013: We’re working on this feature, but could use your feedback. Please vote and comment on one or both of these features.

And a great new post on the subject:  Here’s Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets, Like, Yesterday