Pin It Button Pro 2.x to 3.0 Upgrade Guide

Below are instructions for customers using the “Pin It” Button Pro 2.x WordPress plugin and upgrading to “Pin It” Button Pro 3.0 (and beyond).

In addition to all the added features to 3.0, the automatic plugin updater went through some changes. So unfortunately you’ll need to update to 3.0 manually.

We apologize for the extra step here, but promise it won’t be difficult. After 3.0 is installed, automatic updates should work going forward.

If you have any technical issues going through these steps, please see the email sent to you or?submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help you make the transition.

Step 1 – Save your “Pin It” button plugin settings


Login to your WordPress dashboard, then go to the “Pin It” Button settings.

On the “Pin It” Button plugin settings screen, scroll down?to Admin Settings and?make sure “Save Settings when uninstalling…” is checked, then save changes.

Skip this step if you don’t care about upgrading your old settings.

Step 2 – Deactivate and delete the OLD plugin

Now navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

Under Pinterest ?Pin It? Button Pro, click Deactivate, then click Delete, then confirm once more.

These are the same instructions you followed if you upgraded from “Pin It” Button Lite to Pro in the past (found here).

Step 3 – Upload and install the NEW plugin

Now you’ll need to download and install “Pin It” Button Pro 3.0 using the download link emailed to you.

Installation steps are exactly the same as the first time you installed the plugin, so just follow these.

Go to the plugin installation instructions (2nd section on the page)

Once the plugin is activated, if you get the message?”You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”, just click on the Pin It Button selection on the left-hand admin menu.

After “Pin It” Button 3.0 is installed

License key (Support tab):?Go to the Support tab and check to make sure your license key is entered. If it isn’t, re-enter it from your original purchase email and save changes.

Anonymous Usage Tracking (General tab):?This is purely optional (and turned off by default), but if you check this option your plugin will send us anonymous usage so we can better determine how the plugin is used. No secure or personal information will be sent.

Custom CSS (Styles tab):?We removed the “!important” tag on some CSS styles in the plugin, and revamped the layout for the share bar and count bubble. If you’ve added custom CSS in the past you may or may not need some or all of it after the upgrade.

Make sure to check how your Pin It button and share bar appear on your site. Clear the browser cache and any caching plugins each time you make a change.