Pinterest Introduces Rich Pins

Pinterest product rich pin example

Update 11/21/2013: We now have Rich Pins plugins for Articles and WooCommerce!

Pinterest just announced and enabled “rich pins” (a.k.a. “more useful pins”).

Here’s a good overview of rich pins. In short, pins of products, recipes and movies can now display additional details under a pin if your website provides the data.

For example, a product pin can show the price, whether or not it’s in stock, and where it can be purchased.

Check out some examples of rich pins

So the question is, as a WordPress site owner, do you need a plugin for this? How important is this new feature?

Update 7/23/2013: We’re working on this feature, but could use your feedback. Please vote and comment on one or both of these features.

And a great new post on the subject:  Here’s Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets, Like, Yesterday

  1. I have a few retail clients who use Pinterest and it is proving effective for getting new customers. A plugin which would add the meta text needed for creating rich pins would be great

    • Thanks for the feedback Quentin. I’m currently looking into the use of other plugins or creating a new one that’ll work for Pinterest’s rich pin requirements.

  2. If you make a plugin for rich pins, I’ll be first in line. I really want these on my eCommerce site, and it looks like some shopping cart providers are creating rich-pin plugins, but not Cart66 (which is what I use). Definitely do a plugin!

  3. I need a plugin that adds the basic “data-pin” tags as fields to my image editor. It seems fairly simple (for those that code; I don’t!), but this is a new enough feature that no one seems to have a plugin for it.

  4. Hi Rachel.

    We’re wrapping up Rich Pins for WooCommerce and a major update to the “Pin It” button Pro plugin shortly.

    Right after that we plan on doing Article Rich Pins and the extra image data attributes. The last 2 were only announced this month remember. It’s not easy keeping up with Pinterest. 🙂

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