Pinterest Website Verification Plugin

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Want to show pinners your site is trustworthy?

Want to access Pinterest’s powerful analytics and metrics?

Then you need to get your website verified by Pinterest. How is this done?

As explained by Pinterest, you can either upload an HTML file or add a meta tag to your home page manually.

But if you’re running your own WordPress site you can simply use this free Pinterest verification plugin?to make it super simple.

This plugin simply adds the meta tag you need without any coding or FTP uploading needed.

Instructions included. That’s it!

Download the Pinterest Verify WordPress plugin now

Or just search for “Pinterest verify” in your WordPress admin (instructions).

  1. I have activated the plug-in and gotten the Pinterest meta tag info but it still doesn’t appear that I’ve been verified? I’m probably not doing something correctly. Please advise. Thanks

  2. I followed the same steps, installing the plugin on my WP site, copy/pasted the meta tag data from Pinterest and had the same results as Dylan, nothing happened.
    I went to the help forum on Pinterest but that only applies to a generic, non-Wordpress site.
    Any other troubleshooting suggestions?

  3. Hi Phil,
    1st, thank you for the wonderful plug-in, I know this must be ‘user’ error!
    I have the same problem as Melanie and Dyan, followed their steps and your suggestions…a few times including the links on Pinterest. Pinterest has timed out twice, saying too many times. I just tried again to no avail. Come you offer any other suggestion please?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hard to say Marci. All I can say right now is possibly try another day. At times Pinterest’s servers get a little bogged down from this stuff too.

  4. I tried all the steps but pinterest just says “whoops trouble verifying your domain.” Anything special hints you can give to make this work?

    • Dusty, I’m looking at the html behind your site and the output of the meta Pinterest tag is definitely not working.

      I’m wondering if another plugin is trying to output the same tag. Could you try disabling this plugin or others and see if you can verify?

      Please send me an email at with the results so I can update the plugin with a fix if necessary.


  5. Hi Phil
    I have also tried everything I can to get verification using your plugin, but to no avail. Would it be my domain?

    Thanking you in advance.


    • It’s possible Pinterest doesn’t verify some domains on their end, but I also noticed you were running another Pinterest verification plugin besides this one.

  6. Hi, i have the same error ?whoops trouble verifying your domain.?
    I have tried many times now. What could possibly be wrong?

    • Are you sure this is using my plugin? It looks like the meta tag is there, but the “content” portion isn’t getting output correctly. Email me at and we can try to resolve this.

  7. I am also having trouble. “whoops trouble verifying your domain”.
    Wondering how everyone in the above comments remedied their problem?

    • Louisa, it looks like you’re using a different plugin. Not this one. Look for “Pinterest Verify” by “Phil Derksen” when searching, install that one, disable the other one, and let me know if that works.

  8. So sorry some of you are having problems, but as long as the meta tag is getting output to your home page correctly there’s not much else I can do.

    You can check this tag by viewing the source on your page. In Chrome it’s right-click to bring up the “View Source” option. In Safari you’ll need to turn on the “Develop” menu under Preferences, then there’s a “Show Page Source” option in this menu.

    You should see a meta tag like this near the top of your home page source:
    meta name="p:domain_verify" content="123456789"

    If not, then something’s not working and their might be a conflict with another plugin or your theme. In this case head over here and post:

    Pinterest has a post on it as well:

    Finally, if your meta tag is getting output correctly but Pinterest isn’t verifying you, you can try submitting a support request with them here:

    Sorry, but this is the extent as to how I know how to help on this issue.

  9. I’m having the same problem as everyone else. Downloaded your plug in, copy and pasted the meta tag, updated and still not verifying! Very frustrated.

  10. Sorry folks but I’m going to have to close the comments here and direct everyone to my last comment above this one. There’s not much more I can do unless you’re using one of our licensed plugins alongside this one. In that case visit our official support.