WooCommerce Rich Pins

Make Your Products Pop on Pinterest with Product Rich Pins for WooCommerce

Product Rich Pins for WooCommerce lets you to show off extra details on every pin of your products, new or old.

Product details like price, availability, store name and brand icon don?t appear on regular pins, but they will with Rich Pins.

Here?s an example of a pin with Product Rich Pins enabled:

WooCommerce Product Rich Pin example

Even the smaller pins on the initial Pinterest pinboard view get a boost.

WooCommerce Product Rich Pins small pin

Technically, you just need to add hidden “meta data” code to each of your products with all the details. Pinterest spells out these details for developers.

But who wants to do that right?

The Product Rich Pins add-on automatically pulls in all the necessary product details and populates the Rich Pin data for you.

What about old pins of products?

They’re taken care of. After your site is verified by Pinterest, just take a look at existing pins and you’ll see for yourself.

There’s absolutely no work you have to do going forward to enable rich pins for future products either.

How do I easily validate each product?

There’s a link to the validator on each product edit screen so you don’t have to copy and paste for each check.

On the Rich Pin validator you should see green symbols all the way down each field.

WooCommerce Product Rich Pins validator

Currently, not shown on the validator is product ID and SKU, which we pull from your product’s SKU field. But this is not a required field.

If you’re curious as to where this plugin is pulling Rich Pin data from, it’s also displayed on your product edit screen, like this:

WooCommerce Product Rich Pins post meta

What about price drop notifications?

Basically, anytime you lower the price or enter a sale price for a product, any Pinterest user who has pinned it will get a notification. How cool is that?

This is what it will look like:

Pinterest price drop notifications

Need more info about Product Rich Pins?

Here’s a few articles and references about Product Rich Pins:

Note: You’ll need to verify your website and apply for rich pins with Pinterest in addition to installing this plugin.

WooCommerce 2.2.0 or higher is required to use this plugin.