Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

Update: ZipList is officially shut down as of December 10, 2014. This plugin will no longer function nor receive any new updates.

We recommend Easy Recipe Plus as it includes recipe rich pin features alongside being a great recipe plugin replacement.

Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList

After Pinterest recently announced more ways to search for recipes, we asked our plugin customers if this meant they needed recipe rich pins enabled on their site.

When we asked which recipe WordPress plugin folks were already in using, the top answer was ZipList.

We looked at ZipList in-depth, and we discovered that their plugin already provided almost all of the rich pin meta data needed to validate with Pinterest’s rich pin format.

So we went ahead and created a free plugin that simply adds any missing meta tags and provides a link on each post edit screen to quickly validate all fields with Pinterest.

So if you need it, you can go ahead and download the Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList.

Or simply search for “Recipe Rich Pins for ZipList” in your WordPress admin.

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